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We are key drivers of the energy transformation – working to achieve ambitious goals

Who we are

From here, you can choose to go far. Join RWEST – the trading company of RWE – and you’ll become an vital part of one of the most progressive energy companies in the world. We’re leading the way towards a more sustainable future, with green energy now representing the core of our business. And here at RWEST, we drive this progress on the global energy markets.

Our 1,800 talented people work in Essen, London and Swindon, and as far and wide as Europe, Asia and North America. We’re experts in everything from supply and trading, to commercial, finance and IT. And together, we find innovative energy supply and risk-management solutions for companies and trading partners all around the world.

Behind the progress we’re making, you’ll find a powerfully collaborative culture throughout the entire RWE Group. We empower all our graduates to make a big contribution – supporting your development and encouraging your ambitions. Across the world, everyone here has the opportunity to explore our business and grow their careers. After all, we can only keep on making our impact if our people can keep on making theirs.

From here, you’ll get to start your career with a global energy company that is as ambitious as you are. So choose RWE.

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Culture & Values

The "How" question

Our RWE values describe the core of our identity, also differentiating us from our peers and competitors. They provide stability and reliable guidelines for our behaviour and decisions.

Thus, living up to our corporate values is helping all employees in achieving our Future Picture and providing a frame of reference for our strategic decisions. They are what we stand for at RWE- they represent the behaviours we want to embrace - and they are the ideals with which we hope our customers, partners, suppliers and communities will identify us. Our values are the basis for RWE's success. Paying attention to them in everyday life helps us to succeed in the face of increasing competition.

They help us, all employees, to realise the purpose of RWE.

Our energy for a sustainable life.

Our values are the foundation


We believe that a passion for making a difference is the driving force behind our success, and we take pride in our enthusiasm and optimism for the future. We give ourselves the freedom to have the courage of our convictions, inspiring everyone who works with us to reach their full potential.

We value our customers and stakeholders. We treat them the way we want to be treated, with care and attention to detail, acting decisively to fulfil their needs, consistently meeting their expectations.

We inspire passion.


We create a company of which we can be proud, and that everyone can rely on, with certainty, day and night. We believe in transparency and act with integrity. Everything we say and do is open, honest and easy to understand.

We share our expertise and take responsibility for our actions. By acting in our customers’ and stakeholders’ best interests, we breed confidence and trust in ourselves and our company. We’re determined to do the right thing.

We build trust.


We benchmark our progress towards success in many ways, financially and non-financially, to ensure we operate to the highest standards and in a sustainable way. We want to meet everyone’s expectations consistently. To prove we’re reliable, we set challenging targets and work tirelessly to deliver on our promises and achieve our goals, time and time again.

We encourage each other to embrace our diversity, we act actively and think creatively – leading the way, never being satisfied with anything less than our best.

We deliver performance.

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Officer RWE AG

"Diversity and an inclusive culture are key factors for RWE to be an attractive employer for the best talents worldwide. At RWE, our employees can be who they are and develop their full potential. Through different perspectives and personalities in diverse teams, we are strengthening a tolerant and respectful work culture at RWE, encouraging individual development and thus being able to develop the best solutions. Because we know: Diversity drives our success!"

Inclusivity is deeply rooted in our culture

We believe that diversity is fundamental to how we operate as a Group, and that in order to create and maintain a diverse workforce, inclusivity must be deeply rooted in all we do. We call our approach Inclusive Culture, because it is more than just diversity. In this regard, it is important to acknowledge that intersectionality (multiple discrimination) is a key element to managing diversity. Moreover we actively reflect on our privileges in order to handle them responsibly.

The Diversity Ambassador Program is an internal network for diversity enthusiasts who voluntarily raise awareness of diversity at RWE.

The ambassadors get involved in diversity in an uncomplicated way - for example at lunch with colleagues or in team discussions. There is also a self-study program to prepare colleagues for all diversity themes.

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Together we turn passion into sustainability

We are reporting with the future firmly in our sights.
RWE is shaping the sustainable future of energy supply worldwide

RWE’s corporate strategy underpins our purpose statement “Our energy for a sustainable life”. And our goals are clearly defined: RWE will be climate neutral by 2040 and move the full phase-out of coal in Germany forward to 2030. However, our aspirations go far beyond protecting the climate. With a total of nine sustainability topics, RWE has been defining priority areas for action around all business activities since 2021. These include climate change, biodiversity, circular economy, diversity, and occupational health and safety. Targeted measures have been developed and are being implemented for each area for action. These measures are reassessed and evaluated in our Sustainability Reports. RWE’s sustainability strategy thus also determines the Group’s contribution to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We actively support achieving nine of the 17 SDGs.

List all RWE Sustainability Reports

View them directly in your browser or download them conveniently as PDFs. Here, you find our most recent and past reports.

  • Annual Report 2022 including non-financial Group statement
  • Sustainability Strategy Report 2022
  • Sustainability Performance Report 2022
  • Sustainability Management Report 2022
  • RWE report archive

Sustainability reporting

From environmental and climate protection, social matters and human rights to responsible corporate governance - RWE embraces its corporate responsibilities in many different ways, and we aim to report about them transparently. We want to explain how and why we make decisions and which measures we take. In our annual Sustainability Report you can find key information about RWE and its subsidiaries, our long-term objectives and the milestones we have reached already on the path to achieving them.

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Graduate Programmes

Become part of the next generation of graduates in #TeamRWE

Are you looking to start your career straight after your studies? Our graduate programmes give you the opportunity to challenge yourself and find out which path you want to focus on as a business professional.

If you already have your path in mind – then join us directly in a junior position. And, if you’re not quite sure …have a look below and see what takes your fancy !

Graduate Programmes

We truly believe in turning our graduates into RWE’s future experts and managers.

Each programme we offer has been carefully developed by the business so that you will become the best professional you can be. We want to bring out the best of your abilities whilst giving you a deep insight into the energy world so then you can be the catalyst for change.

We have a big mission on our hands and we want our graduates to be right in the centre making decisions with creativity and independence.


  • A wide network of support
  • Excellent development and growth opportunities
  • Various networking and employee events
  • Sports and social clubs
  • Free parking
  • Attractive pensions scheme

What you can expect:

  • Flexibility: the opportunity to chose your own rotations
  • Open & friendly: Anything but the stereotypical business environment
  • A Supportive community: A senior mentor and a former trainee will be there to help you at every step
  • Responsibility: Your chance to make a valuable contribution as a team member.
  • Training & Development: working with and learning from industry experts
  • Career Development: More than 80% of our graduates continue to develop with us long after completing their graduate program

Training and Development

Training for our graduates is a key aspect of the programmes and we have a defined development programme in place no matter where you join. All graduates receive their own career development plan, as well as a buddy who has already been on the programme for some time.

The programmes includes classroom workshops, e-learning, regular networking events and mentoring. Additionally, each programme also offers you individual opportunities for development.

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Recruitment Process

The respective application process depends on the position and the hiring company. If the process is not already outlined in the job posting, you will in any case learn the next steps when we get to know each other. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the named contact person. Generally, your application process can include the following:

  • Online application
  • Meetings with the manager of the department and / or HR but also possibly with the team (virtual, by phone or in person)
  • Job interview(s)
  • Assessment centre
  • Case Study
  • (Online) questionnaire

For a graduate programme, the application process usually includes the following components. The order can vary.

  • Online application
  • Online test
  • (Time-shifted video interview)
  • Assessment Centre
  • Job interview

We recommend that you take a look at the detailed information on the respective pages of our graduate programmes.

In all of our application processes, it is important to us to get to know you as a person and find out together with you whether we are a good match.

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