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About Bath Spa University

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The institution

Bath Spa University is a leading educational institution in creativity, culture and enterprise. Through innovative teaching we provide a high quality student experience. Based in a world heritage city and connected to a network of international partners, we ensure that our graduates are socially engaged citizens.

Whether you're looking to improve your career prospects with a postgraduate qualification or wish to explore a subject you feel passionately about for personal enjoyment, Bath Spa University promise you high quality master's courses and research supervision from committed staff, in a unique and supportive environment.

Why Bath Spa University?

A creative community; an experience that is distinctive, challenging and fulfilling; a team that takes pride in the difference they make to students’ lives. There are many reasons to choose Bath Spa University – here are just ten of them.

1. Excellent reputation

We can trace our history back over 160 years to the original Bath School of Art, and our first trainee teachers trained here over 60 years ago, so our reputation is built on tradition and success. Our PGCE programmes, for example, have been rated ‘outstanding’ by the quality regulator Ofsted.

2. Innovative teaching

We’re modern and progressive. Our course mix and structure is unique, and the quality of our teaching is excellent, which reflects our commitment to our students. Our teachers are engaged in the research and development of innovative and creative teaching techniques, and ensure they make themselves available to students to offer help and guidance.

3. A great range of courses

Bath Spa’s wide and expanding range of postgraduate awards provide opportunities for advanced study that are both academically challenging and vocationally relevant. In addition there is an experienced and lively research environment at Bath Spa with established strengths in Art and Design, Music and Performing Arts, Humanities and Creative Writing and Education.

4. Exciting career prospects

Our professional partnerships connect our students to a wide range of career pathways and employment opportunities relevant to their field of study.

5. Strong caring ethos

Our caring ethos runs through everything we do. Our students rate their tutors and lecturers for the support and accessibility they deliver. Our student services offer advice on anything from finances to wellbeing, as well as offering disability support and so much more. Yet it doesn’t end there. Our environmental policies care for our campus, and we’re ranked 8th out of 140 universities in the People and Planet Green League 2012.

6. Happy community

Our community values creativity, culture and enterprise. It’s happy and thriving, and reinforced by all the services you might expect and more: our network of student support services, and library and learning facilities; our welcoming and supportive approach; our promotion of accessibility; our teachers who can be called on for help, guidance and support. And our wide range of extra-curricular courses, clubs, activities and work-based opportunities and volunteering, make our community fulfilling, rewarding – and successful.

7. An inspirational setting

Our campuses are beautiful and steeped in history. Our modern facilities blend sympathetically with the older buildings, boasting a wealth of cutting edge technology behind the classic architecture. Staff and students work and learn in a secure and well-maintained environment, where investment in infrastructure reflects modern teaching styles and anticipates future needs. By 2015, a major redevelopment of the Newton Park Campus will provide world class facilities for students, designed to be in-keeping with the stunning surroundings.

8. Internationally connected

Our international partnerships are spreading across the globe. Our links with an array of businesses, organisations and institutions contribute significantly to the knowledge economy at home and abroad. So our graduates leave us as ambitious global citizens and can be seen at international conferences, tours and events.

9. Accessible to all

We have built our success on accessibility and equality of opportunity. The unique study and social environment we offer is a key factor in our distinctiveness and in our popularity. Our students come from a range of backgrounds and cultures, from all parts of this country and from overseas, and with a variety of academic credentials.

10. Safe and secure

We provide an environment that allows our students to concentrate on what matters most. So not only are we financially secure, we also have on-going capital investment plans. The world heritage city of Bath itself is renowned internationally, and it enjoys an enviable reputation for being enjoyable and safe to live in, it’s ranked as the top ‘safe student city’. There’s an intimate and vibrant sense of community apparent across its many coffee bars, restaurants, galleries and theatres.

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  • Number of students: 250