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Interviews for graduate jobs come in a variety of formats: competence interviews, telephone interviews, panel interviews, technical interviews and now, strengths interviews. If you’re going face-to-face (or on the phone) with graduate recruiters then knowing what to expect and how to prepare will give you a head start and keep your interview nerves at bay. Find tips for dealing with tricky interview questions and techniques to help you come across with confidence.

Body talk: the right moves for graduate job interviews

How you act in a graduate job interview is important: it's part of creating the ideal package. Practise some body language techniques today so that you stay cool in the interview hot seat.


Dress for success at your graduate job interviews

You want graduate recruiters to remember you, not your clothes, so find out what to wear to boost your confidence and create a professional impression at interview.


Make the best first impression with graduate recruiters

Handshake, smile, eye contact: check! You don't need to be told that the impression you give in the first few minutes of the interview is of critical importance. Find out how to leave a lasting impression right from the start.


Tips for graduates: how to deal with job interview nerves

A graduate job interview, like a visit to the dentist or a final exam, can fill the most confident of us with dread and anxiety. But don't panic. A few simple techniques, good preparation and some positive thinking can do wonders to reduce your stress levels and help you shine, even if you're naturally shy.


Deal with the job-hunter's biggest fear: tricky interview questions

Graduate employers use a range of interview questions to assess what you know about them and whether you're the right fit for the job. Don't trip up: use our sample questions and hints to guide your interview preparation.


Eight steps to graduate interview success

Selling your skills face to face, on the phone or via your laptop screen can be a nerve-racking experience, but our tips for graduate job interviews will help you think on your feet and show yourself in the best possible light.


Last-minute interview confidence boost: if you don't feel it, fake it!

We've collected some expert tips in case you need a last-minute confidence boost before your graduate job interview.


What questions should you ask in a graduate job interview?

Find out what to ask in your graduate job interview and when to ask it, and pick up tips on questions to avoid.