Matt Jukes

Managing editor

About Matt Jukes

Matt is a journalist, editor and digital media specialist with nearly 20 years of experience in the field. A significant portion of his early life was spent reporting from China and much of Asia, contributing to publications both international and domestic. He has filed travel pieces from Japan, business stories from Hong Kong and breaking news on the plane journey back to the UK. Over his life Matt has had the opportunity to interview a wealth of sources from well-known faces of the stage and screen and music legends to government officials, business leaders and startup founders.

Working for GTI (the parent company of targetjobs), Matt headed up the law section of the website and the law publications, while stepping in across GTI’s other sectors as needed. He hosted webinars, particularly throughout the 2020 pandemic, and occasionally presented at universities and law careers events in person when they allowed him out of his cage in the targetjobs editorial basement. Matt organised the targetjobs National Pupillage Fair talks for the better part of a decade.

Matt’s advice content arose from an innate need to decode corporate nonsense and shield students from the bumpf that can derail their career. He has always placed the readers’ interest first when it comes to editorial – forever seeking to inform, educate and (when appropriate) entertain.

Matt left GTI in April 2023.