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8.9 / 10

(based on 11 ratings in 2019)


"While you work hard throughout the week, the company has a strict 'no weekend work' policy. There are also a number of company-sponsored weekends and activity days to bring the whole company together. In addition to this there are bi-weekly review days where the whole company comes together to solve problems from across the company collaboratively."
Graduate, UK - Field Base
"There may be long working hours but they are compensated for with a focus on socialising regularly with colleagues at all levels of the business."
Graduate, UK Field Based
"There is very little formal hierarchy and most of the structure comes from individuals taking ownership of particular projects. The team is very openly cooperative and there is a great social atmosphere in the office."
Graduate, Oxfordshire
"Newton has a very friendly and welcoming culture. One of the main things that prompted me to re-apply to the company was the number of friendly people I met during my first application. Newton sets aside a number of weekends every year to organise events for their consultants such as skiing holidays, spa weekends and murder mysteries."
Graduate, Oxford
"We have great co-worker relationships as well as frequent and well enjoyed social events. There's a friendly and open atmosphere with really thorough and positive feedback channels."
Graduate, Oxfordshire
"The social aspects of the company are fantastic. Ensuring people enjoy their lives is very important."
Graduate, UK Wide


"We have a clear meritocratic culture that's friendly and sociable. The standard hours are ok but it is expected that you'll put in the long hours when needed and Work can quite easily infringe on your personal life with frequent weekend events. That said, it is possible to get flexible working arrangements to fit around other commitments."
Graduate, Bristol/Nottingham/Preston/London/Oxford/Leeds
"Everyone looks out for each other and tries to get the best out of each other. Managers are constantly trying to develop managees and people socialise a lot in the evening as we're away during the week. For example, I'll be playing touch rugby with eight colleagues after work today."
Graduate, All over the place
"The structure is simple with only six major roles in the business. The hierarchy exists for an effective project management structure but, in terms of communication and teamwork, it may as well be flat. There are virtually no barriers between members of a team and I would feel comfortable going to any level of the business for support if I felt I needed it."
Graduate, Glasgow, but varies from project to project
"There is a really flat and close-knit culture within the company. Everyone gets along and respects one another with everyone's individual lifestyle preferences accounted for in each team."
Graduate, Locations across the UK
"We have a relaxed hierarchy, meaning you feel that you can talk candidly to anyone regardless of their level in the business. There's usually the option to socialise as much or as little as you like on a project. There will typically be some kind of exercise and dinner out with the project team, and the whole company gets together in one location for a company-wide fun night every other Thursday evening."
Graduate, Varies across UK
"The company holds review days every two weeks at different locations across the UK. This is a brilliant opportunity to share knowledge and to offer advice on problems that other members of the company may be facing. It is also a great chance to catch up with your colleagues when you are very spread out and may not see each other for long periods of time. The company also subsidises a number of weekends throughout the year and definitely encourages a fun and outgoing culture."
Graduate, Nationwide - project work means we work on client sites across the UK.


"There is a great sense of teamwork and the culture is fantastic. Senior colleagues act as equals and offer a lot of support."
Graduate, Northampton
"There's a very flat structure and everyone interacts irrespective of each person's level of seniority. Everybody works together to get the best result for the team as we are incentivised to succeed as one."
Mid level, It varies
"It feels like a start-up as everyone is vibrant and passionate. There's a work hard/play hard culture and the company is open to feedback and challenge."
Graduate, I have worked in several cities including: Edinburgh, Hamilton (Canada), Birmingham, Bolton and London
"The culture is the highlight of working at Newton. Everyone I work with is looking to get the best out of themselves and cares that I'm doing so too. The hierarchy is pretty flat so I wouldn't be worried about disagreeing with a director or telling my line manager what I think they can improve on."
Entry level, Currently London, though it varies.
"There is a great work hard/play hard culture. Along with fortnightly review nights that involve a fun night out on Thursdays, the company subsidises four weekends away each year for you and your partner. The company understands that people are often away from their families in the week so there is a big emphasis on everyone being involved in social events."
Graduate, All over UK
"The team structure that we have on projects is supportive and challenging. Newton has a strong family-feel culture so you will be made to feel included."
Graduate, Barrow in Furness


"Socialising with colleagues is strongly encouraged and there is no real feeling of the existence of a hierarchy: everyone is treated as an equal."
"Everyone is driven and everyone works hard to get great results for clients. People work hard, but have loads of fun too and the company is very proactive in driving an honestly friendly and social culture which works really well almost all the time."
Senior Consultant, London
"I think culture is Newton's strong point, the people are great fun and, because you spend so much time with them, you build some strong friendships. There's a very open hierarchy where you feel you could change things that don't work if you want to and can approach a director with any ideas easily."
Senior Consultant, Maidstone
"On site, we work as teams and get to know each other very well - going out for dinner and having fun nights once a week. Outside of site work, everyone gets on really well at company events and everyone up to the directors are approachable. We get lots of encouragement from the company to socialise with work colleagues, who very quickly become friends."
Senior Consultant, Birmingham
"I am part of a tight-knit team that spends lots of time together outside of work. We travel Monday to Friday so after work we spend the evenings together."
Consultant, Oxford
"The company has a very flat structure, with people at the bottom of the business knowing and talking to people right at the top. Work is split up into individual chunks of responsibility, but there is a strong focus on working as a team and supporting each other. After hours, since we are away from home, there is an emphasis on eating together in the evenings and organising fun activities to do. In addition, the company has fortnightly days together with a social event the night before, two corporate activity days a year, four optional weekends away which are subsidised, and a summer and Christmas party for employees and partners. The company invests in the culture to keep the workforce happy."
Consultant, Leeds
"The company has a fun culture on-site and off. There is also a great sense of teamwork; colleagues are always willing to help push or support you to achieve goals. The structure of the company is very defined, but there is no sense of seniority pulling rank. Juniors get lots of responsibility and everyone is trusted to make decisions if they are suitably backed up with evidence. Challenging anyone, whether they are senior, equal or junior, is encouraged and I do not feel afraid to do it."
Consultant, Plymouth
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