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At Newton, we do consulting differently. We are driven by a fundamental belief that even the best organisations can be better. It brings together everyone here at Newton to crack some of the biggest business challenges in the UK. Let’s start doing

When you join Newton, you'll join a high-performing team working across a variety of dynamic and fast-paced projects.

As you develop a broad skillset over the first 12 months, we’ll equip you with all the fundamentals to flourish in your consulting career and a structured support network to prepare you for one of our three capabilities: Operations, Digital and People & Change .

You’ll learn fast, be challenged and stretched, but be given the opportunity to develop and progress quickly. Working with incredible people both internally and in industry, you’ll be meaningfully contributing towards solving some of our country's most complex challenges.

What is Consulting


What We Do

We believe even the best organisations can be better. This means doing more than just delivering reports. It means delivering measurable results.

In every organisation, there are complex challenges that can be solved to gain more efficiency and more productivity. Change is essential to improve the organisation. There are plenty of ways organisations can go about effecting change. At Newton, we are so confident about the impact we can create, that we guarantee our fees against it.


  • 1 One team from day one

    We create change by working together as a single, cohesive team. We work with the belief that we will only get the results we need by forming relationships at every level. Across roles, we come together to solve the challenge and discover the most valuable insights.

  • 2 Assessment: Finding the focus

    We never start off assuming we know the answer. Hard evidence, gathered first-hand, is – for us – the only solid foundation for relevant, effective, and lasting change. We start right at the coalface, uncovering the insight and the truths we need to make the most important decisions.

  • 3 Total clarity

    Once we have greater visibility and insight into what’s happening, we create a plan which clearly and definitively pinpoints the changes that will deliver the biggest impact. And this is where our initial approach pays off. Because we’ve designed the plan as one team, from the outset, and because we’ve directly engaged those most affected along the way, the whole organisation will be able to understand, and get behind, what needs to happen.

  • 4 The hardest yards

    Implementation is where many change programmes fail (and also where many consultancies ride off into the sunset). With Newton it’s different. We test, measure, and iterate solutions at the heart of our client’s operations. And we don't leave until the goals we jointly set out to achieve are delivered.

  • 5 Lasting impact (or no fees)

    We are not in the business of delivering reports, nice ideas, recommendations, and rhetoric about change. Instead, we deliver actual measurable results. We believe so strongly in our ability to create a lasting impact that we guarantee our fees against it.

  • 6 Same team, whole new ball game

    Consultancies don’t solve problems, people do. By this stage, we will have worked seamlessly with every level of our client organisation, building their skills, confidence, and insight; everything they need to sustain the improvements made and enhance them even further. Crucially, we’ll have instilled in their team the ability to adapt and go it alone when the goalposts move.

Let's Start Doing


What's in it for you

  • Starting base salary

    From Sept 24: £45,000 base salary, plus 4.5% pension contribution

  • Joining bonus

    £2,500 - paid as soon as you sign the contract

  • Annual increases

    Your package will increase every year with every promotion

  • Profit Share Bonus

    Paid every 6 months, based on company performance. Expected range (realistic) annual bonus payment: £2,200-£6,600


  • Car options

    All consultants have the option of getting a car through Newton via salary sacrifice.

    Flexible start dates

    If you want to experience the world a little bit more before you join us, now is the time. Choose when it is convenient for you to start with us.


    Unwind, relax and take some time for yourself. Forge new and deeper friendships with colleagues. Have fun at our fortnightly social events.

    And more

    25 Days Holiday, Work Mobile Phone, Employee Assistance Programme, Income Protection, Life Assurance, Volunteering Days, Payroll Donations, Eyecare, Cycle to Work Scheme

Learning & Development

The training and development we offer our people is second-to-none and is widely considered an invaluable asset among consultants.

Our graduates go through a similar developmental journey up to their first promotion. After which, plans are tailored to each individual’s strengths and aspirations. Every single Newton employee is assigned a personal Development Manager whose aim is to help fulfil those ambitions and expand their horizons.

  • Induction ≈ Weeks 1-4

    Exciting and empowering month-long induction, delivered by a Lead, Partner, Founder or our in-house Training Development Manager. We’ll teach you all the key skills needed to be a consultant and you’ll get to spend one week applying this on-site.

  • Extra induction ≈ 2-3 months

    After a few months, you’ll return with your induction cohort for a two-day refresher course. This will give you a chance to discuss your experiences and build on the skills you learnt in induction.

  • Consolidation ≈ 8-11 months

    Building on the skills you have gained so far from working on-site, this three-day course will advance techniques around efficiency and engagement to help you to deliver outstanding projects.

  • Becoming a Senior ≈15-18 months

    You’ll spend a week where we will help you prepare for your new responsibilities as a senior consultant. You’ll learn new management skills and improve your ability to build team and client relationships.

  • Senior Consultant ≈ 18 months +

    Your first promotion will lead you to the role of Senior Consultant.

What we look for

The people who work with us are very much individuals, but there are certain values and attributes all of us share.

Whatever your background – STEM, Arts or Humanities, and whether you have a Bachelor's degree, a Master's or a PhD – these are the qualities we look for:


We assess everyone on their own merits. We like people from diverse backgrounds with different ways of thinking and unique skillsets. It’s what helps us deliver the most creative and effective solutions for our clients.


Show us your curiosity. Prove you have a desire to leave no stone unturned when thinking up ideas and developing skills to improve yourself.


We want you to have belief in your abilities and respect for the talents of others. That’s how we work and we want to know that’s how you’ll work too.


No matter what degree you’ve studied, if you have the ability to use data to uncover meaningful insight, we would like to see it.


Demonstrate your will and determination to get things done. Complex and time sensitive problems are the most satisfying to solve. How have you showcased this before?

A supportive approach

You’ll need to be open to collaborating with clients and colleagues to discover the best solution.

Team spirit

It’s important that you’re ready to work hard as part of a team. This will allow you to form bonds that’ll help you rise to any challenge and will often develop into lasting friendships.

Key Requirements

Self-driven & determined

Able to motivate yourself and look for opportunities to improve things? Staying motivated even through a task or project might be challenging.

Willing to travel

Working hand in hand with our clients to get the best results means being on-site and away from home during the week.

Flexible with your approach

Consulting isn’t your standard 9-5 role. Our ability to create real impact for our clients sometimes involves working longer hours during a critical stage of the project.


Successful consulting requires working well with others. This could be with our clients, who you’ll work with early on in your career at Newton, to your wider team. We achieve more through collaboration and cultivating stronger bonds.

Operations, Digital and People & Change

Operations | Digital | People & Change


Start date: Flexible start dates, but join us as early as February 2024

Every mission and every client is different, but our model of work doesn’t change. On a day-to-day basis, you’ll work with our clients to identify opportunities for operational improvement. You'll then plan and implement the changes that need to happen to solve the problem.

You’ll also contribute to internal training, capability development and improvement projects, managing or supporting clients and peers. In this role you'll gain responsibility early and progress quickly.

Head to your project site to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the client and transform operations within their organisations. You'll spend time with their people – mapping processes, analysing data , and looking for opportunities to improve the way they work. Once you've determined where the biggest opportunities are, you'll knuckle down and get stuck in – creating and implementing project plans that deliver on the promises we make and continue to do so long after we've gone.


Start date: Flexible start dates, but join us as early as February 2024

Harness the power of data to provide new insight and understanding for clients, build their capability to make complex decisions at scale and transform their operations.

As a Digital Consultant you will play a pivotal role in data-driven change programmes for our clients.

You'll draw meaningful insights from client data to identify their biggest opportunities for improvement. You'll get to grips with every detail of the client organisation including the data and technology at their disposal before designing and delivering the right solution to achieve programme objectives. This may involve data preparation and analysis, modelling and simulation or supporting the development of digital tools .


Start Date Flexible start dates, but join us as early as February 2024

Organisations don’t change, people do. Work with clients to design change programmes with people at the heart, driving adoption and making change stick.

People are integral to every business. Across all of our programmes, people are the heart of making change happen. You’ll engage with, upskill and bring people together to drive positive change.

You’ll be a stellar listener and savvy communicator to people at all levels to help our projects and change run smoothly. You’ll get to grips with the organisational culture, understand the root of client problems, and use creativity and empathy to help people on an organisational scale to embed change.

Apply now. Let's start doing.

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