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Our graduates – like everyone here at Newton – share a fundamental belief: that every organisation can be better. And like everyone at Newton, they have a big part to play in realising that potential.

Drawing on their bright and curious minds, they help us crack some of the toughest business and public sector challenges around. Not with reports or copy-and-paste thinking, but by pinpointing and implementing the changes that will make the biggest difference to our clients – and then guaranteeing our fees against measurable results.

We never start out assuming we know the answer, but we’re always certain we’ll find it. By uncovering the data that means the most important decisions are made with facts, not opinions. By bringing together people who are eager to make a positive impact through their work. And by embedding into client organisations this same passion, self-belief and know-how to thrive on any challenge in the future.

Our people drive our business. Their mindset, technical and problem-solving skills, and ability to communicate with colleagues and client teams at all levels are what set us apart from other consulting firms. And for you, that difference will define a career that's never not challenging. Never not inspiring. Never not invigorating. Never not Newton.