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Interview Questions


"I was asked a lot of competency based questions."
Graduate, UK - Field Base
"What is the limiting factor on the forward velocity of a helicopter? How do fire alarms work?"
Graduate, Oxfordshire
"Tell me about your best friend."
Graduate, Oxford
"Describe a complex process simply."
Graduate, Oxford, London, Cambridge
"What has been your biggest failure to date?"
Graduate, UK Wide


"Name a particular challenge that you have overcome. What are you proud of achieving in your life?"
Graduate, Bristol/Nottingham/Preston/London/Oxford/Leeds
"The most memorable questions I was asked were about times when I'd struggled or failed. I think the answers people give to those sorts of questions say a lot about them."
Graduate, Kingston Bagpuize
"My entire interview was a conversation about my personal experiences since the start of secondary school."
Graduate, Locations across the UK
"I had the normal interview questions about my strengths and weaknesses."
Graduate, Varies across UK
"Why do you think you are suitable for the job? What worries you most about the job? What would you like to ask the director of Newton?"
Graduate, Nationwide - project work means we work on client sites across the UK.


"Almost all of the questions were about me and my background."
Graduate, Northampton
"How did you get to where you are? Why are you interested in Newton? Tell us about a weakness of yours. What would your friends say about you?"
Entry level, Currently London, though it varies.
"What characteristics do you think you have that would make you well suited to Newton?' What would you like to ask a Newton director?"
Graduate, All over UK
"I was asked about my attitude towards project-based work and travel, how I dealt with conflict and if I could vary my approach to a task based on my audience."
Mid level, UK Wide- Office is based on Oxford


"Questions included: tell me about yourself; how would your friends describe you (best and worst qualities); and tell me about your past achievements and adventures."
Senior Consultant, Various UK locations
"I was asked: What decision in your life lead you to be here? What are your concerns about the life of a Newton Consultant?"
Operations Consultant, London
"Don't try and prepare for specific interview questions. Do ask yourself what you really want out of a career and really try to show why Newton is right for you."
Senior Consultant, London
"I was asked what was the biggest challenge I had faced and what had I learnt from my mistakes."
Consultant, Various UK locations
"The interviews will follow a fairly normal structure looking for candidates to demonstrate competencies in line with the company values. The other elements of the assessment are a case study and role-play which is very difficult to prepare for."
Consultant, Leeds
"I was just asked general questions about my life; I think the interviewers wanted to see if I would be a good fit for the company."
Consultant, Leeds
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