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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Don't over-prepare for the interviews or selection day. Make sure you have a basic understanding of the role and do some research about what Newton does and some projects it has worked on."
Graduate, UK Wide
"The application process is very involved, with several stages including online tests. Preparing for a variety of mathematics and logic tests will help significantly. Additionally, preparing general interview skills with the STAR technique (for example) would be a good idea for prospective applicants."
Graduate, Oxfordshire
"Brush up on your mathematical and logical thinking. Overall, be yourself and try to enjoy the process."
Graduate, Oxfordshire
"There was an application form, numerical tests, a video/telephone interview and a selection day final interview. Be yourself. Practise for the tests and take your time. It is not a competition."
Graduate, Oxford, London, Cambridge
"The process is very extensive. The purpose is to find the best candidates academically and, more importantly, culturally."
Graduate, UK Wide
"There was a focus on my grades and basic info. There was maths testing, a video interview, long answer questions, a selection day (with group work, presentations, a re-test, interviews and case studies), dinner and final interviews."
Graduate, UK-wide


"There are rigorous rounds of selection days and interviews that select really bright people who are also incredibly personable and easy to work with."
Graduate, All over the place
"You will have to take a number of tests, both online and in person, so brush up on your maths and data interpretation skills. Try to relax in the interviews themselves and remember that, although the interviewers will be trying to make you feel stretched and challenged, they do want you to succeed. Finally, to repeat the perennial cliché, be honest. If you're asked about a skill you don't have, explain why you don't have it and what you're doing to amend that, don't try to blag it!"
Graduate, Kingston Bagpuize
"Understand what Newton is about. There are key values and attributes that we strive toward and take seriously. Do not over prepare, we are required to think on our feet and interviewers will want you to do this and get you off the prepared material. Think honestly about your desires and goals as Newton values integrity and honesty. If your true goals and values align with Newton's, we will be interested in you."
Graduate, Glasgow, but varies from project to project
"Research standard interview questions a little but you should mostly expect the interviews to be a chance to get to know Newton and have them get to know you. Let your personality show as a major part of the selection process is hiring nice people whom you'd like to spend time on a project with."
Graduate, Varies across UK
"Be yourself! The interview process is as much of a chance for you to find out whether you are suitable for the job as it is for the company. Ask questions of the interviewers too."
Graduate, Nationwide - project work means we work on client sites across the UK.


"Understand why you want to work here and be able to articulate it well. Make sure to reflect on yourself as well as where your strengths and weaknesses lie and be honest about them in the interview."
Graduate, Sheffield
"There's an online application, a selection day and a final interview. Be sure to apply any concepts introduced in selection days to the case studies presented."
Graduate, Northampton
"The initial aptitude tests are maths and data interpretation. There's then a video interview, an initial selection day and final interviews. Practise aptitude tests and think about your strengths and weaknesses along with how you fit with the company."
Graduate, I have worked in several cities including: Edinburgh, Hamilton (Canada), Birmingham, Bolton and London
"This is a cliché, but be yourself. We want to know about your personality, so don't hide it. It's also a chance for you to work out if you like us too. It's important that it works both ways. The application process is unique to Newton so brush up on numbers if you're not used to using them day to day (it's more about knowing what to do with them in general than any advanced techniques) and think about your strengths and weaknesses."
Entry level, Currently London, though it varies.
"The application process is split into stages but you can get through the whole thing in three weeks. You begin by filling in a short online form, submitting video interview responses and completing some numerical and data interpretation tests. We hold testing sessions at some universities where you can do these tests in person or, alternatively, you can do them online. If you get through these stages, you are invited to a selection day and, if you are successful, you then proceed to a final interview. The best advice I can give is to be yourself and relax. Don't use scripted answers. Just have a conversation with your assessor and ask them questions too. It's a two-way process, not just an opportunity for the company to ask as much as they can. It is just as important for you to work out whether the company is right for you. There isn't always a right answer for the data interpretation tests. The ideas you come up with and how you deal with the data given is what they are looking for."
Graduate, All over UK
"Practise fast-thinking numerical/data interpretation tests as well as role playing scenarios. This will help when you have to role play a client scenario."
Graduate, Barrow in Furness


"During the interview, have good structure in your answers, get to the point and don't just come out with some general spiel that is out of a textbook on interviews. Remember that you are interviewing Newton as well, and remember to bring your real personality with you!"
Senior Consultant, Various UK locations
"The application consisted of a written test, then an assessment day, and then a final interview. The written test is quick mathematics and non-verbal reasoning style questions. The assessment day and final interviews are a mixture of case studies and general interview questions. I would advise reading around what the company does and looking at some examples from the website."
Consultant, Various UK locations
"At interview, they really want to see you. Prepare but remember that if your answers are too slick they will sound pre-prepared and inauthentic. The culture is important here so make sure you show your true self."
Senior Consultant, London
"My advice is to be confident in the role play interviews and stick to your convictions!"
Senior Consultant, Oxford
"Throughout the whole process, be honest and be yourself. If you get to the end of the interview process and we feel as though the company doesn't know your personality or you outside of work, no matter how good your CV is, they are unlikely to hire you!"
Senior Consultant, Birmingham
"Competency tests, selection days, interviews and then final interviews, applying to Newton is quite a rigorous process, but well worth the effort. The best preparation would be to be open to feedback and learning opportunities. Also be inquisitive (don't be afraid of asking questions!) and be yourself - the process is not only about seeing if you're right for the job, but also if the job is right for you."
Senior Consultant, Oxford
"Make sure your maths, mechanics and logical thinking skills have all been sharpened for the tests. Then make sure your presentation is engaging, well-structured and well-polished if you make it through the assessment centre."
Consultant, Leeds
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