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"There are subsidised social events (nights out for example) as well as a generous expense budget."
Graduate, UK-wide
"I've been on subsidised weekends including a ski trip."
Graduate, UK - Field Base
"We get incredible expense accounts and a great company car."
Graduate, Oxfordshire
"Every two weeks we have a 'review day' on a Thursday night, which is a free activity with food followed by presentations and workshops on the Friday morning. The activities can be anything from canoeing, visiting a driving range, chocolate making or a medieval-themed banquet. There is an open bar at every evening event but no pressure to drink if you don't want to. There are six subsidised weekends a year that all employees are invited to. There is a skiing trip and a 'relax weekend' as well as other themed weekends such as a murder mystery weekend. When you start at Newton as a consultant you receive a sign-on bonus and company car."
Graduate, Oxford
"There's a good expenses policy for travel and meals as well as lots of subsidised social events."
Consulting, Graduate, UK - Site Based


"Newton funds weekends for things such as skiing, adventure sports, camping and the Edinburgh Fringe. We get generous expenses so daily restaurant dinners are paid for as well as nice hotels. We have great summer and Christmas parties as well as fortnightly activity evenings, dinners and nights out paid for by the company."
Graduate, Bristol/Nottingham/Preston/London/Oxford/Leeds
"We get heavily subsidised weekends away each year and the whole company gets together every other week on a Thursday night for a fun activity."
Graduate, All over the place
"We have several subsidised weekends away each year covering activities such as sailing, hiking, the Edinburgh Fringe and exploring various European cities. On a smaller scale, consultants receive free dinners and accommodation during weekdays and team dinners and activity nights for head office employees certainly aren't unheard of either."
Graduate, Kingston Bagpuize
"Private health insurance is available after two years in the company and the company cars are great."
Graduate, Glasgow, but varies from project to project
"Nearly everything is paid for during the week including travel, accommodation, breakfasts and dinners. There are good opportunities for hotel and credit card rewards as you'll be spending (and being reimbursed for) up to £2000 per month."
Graduate, Varies across UK
"The signing-on bonus is great and you are encouraged to take some time off before starting the job to have a break from work and enjoy spending that bonus! There are also subsidised weekends throughout the year that are voted on by the company."
Graduate, Nationwide - project work means we work on client sites across the UK.


"Every other week we have an activity night (this has included Oktoberfest, go-karting and zorb footballing) with a free bar. We also get quarterly away days such as yacht racing and free access to the Newton chalet during winter in Chamonix."
Graduate, Variable - depends on current project
"Pretty much everything in the week can be expensed, including dinners, hotels and your travel etc. You get to eat out a lot. There are loads of holidays including a free ski trip with lessons and a bar for your first couple of years. There's also an open bar when the whole company gets together every couple of weeks."
Graduate, UK Wide
"There are four amazing (optional) company subsidised and organised weekends every year. We have a review night every fortnight where the company gets together for an activity with free food and drinks all evening before our fortnightly conferences. We get a company car and staying in a hotel during the week means that you will usually have free access to a gym or pool. Breakfast and dinner are also paid for while you are away."
Graduate, I have worked in several cities including: Edinburgh, Hamilton (Canada), Birmingham, Bolton and London
"We get four subsidised weekends away a year, a ski trip that is fully subsidised for people in their first year and a chalet that anyone can use."
Entry level, All over the UK
"The subsidy on weekends and expensed review nights are a nice way to socialise with your colleagues. The 4% matched contribution on our salary is great too."
Graduate, All over UK
"There's a company car as well as hotel reward points and Amex reward points that can be used for holidays etc. There's also a profit share and we do not have many personal expenses during the week."
Mid level, UK Wide- Office is based on Oxford


"There are loads of excellent perks at Newton: every two weeks we get together for dinner/drinks/activities; the company takes us on weekends away (e.g. sailing); summer party and Christmas party; and a free dinner for yourself and your spouse."
Senior Consultant, Various UK locations
"Perks include summer party weekends, four company trips per year (skiing, yachting, rugby sevens and more), having your living expenses covered when working away, and company-wide gatherings every fortnight."
Consultant, Leeds
"There is a big emphasis on the social side of working here - every fortnight we have review days where the night before entertainment is laid on. Also the company subsidises four weekend trips over the year from skiing to Glastonbury."
Consultant, Various UK locations
"There are lots of great perks including: a nice car; free living costs, hotels, meals, etc; epic summer/winter parties where partners are invited; off-site activity days; subsidised holidays, skiing, surfing, sailing etc; fortnightly nights out (ranging from pub to park to boat to club); pension; bonus and a phone. Let's be honest, it doesn't get much better!"
Senior Consultant, London
"Expenses are covered when you are away all week meaning you may get to Friday having only spent £10 of your own money - this leaves a lot for the weekend! Summer party is a weekend away and there's a great Christmas party too. Every two weeks the whole company gets together and does an activity on a Thursday night like zorb football or go-karting."
Senior Consultant, Maidstone
"The company has a profit share scheme, puts on lots of parties, activity days and I genuinely enjoy the opportunities to deliver and receive training."
Senior Consultant, Oxford
"The subsidised weekends are probably the best perks offered. There are four a year, voted for and organised by the employees, with a range of different activities."
Consultant, Leeds
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