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"The community and support. There is fast progression with incredible support around you. No matter how busy people are, they will always make time for you."
Graduate, UK - Field Base
"The company culture. It's an incredibly exciting, fun and driven company and really pushes the work hard, play hard ethos."
Graduate, UK Wide
"The working culture, balance between work and socialising, and the remuneration package."
Graduate, UK Field Based
"There's a good balance of early responsibility and unconditional support. No colleague is more than a phone call away, regardless of rank or role within the company."
Graduate, Oxfordshire
"The culture around Newton, the amount of feedback, the opportunities for progression and the fun."
Graduate, UK Wide
"We have a challenging and sociable work environment as well as a good team spirit."
Graduate, UK-wide


"The level of personal development and autonomy in my day-to-day work is great. Our accommodation during the week, evening meals and travel are all paid for, which allows me to live rent free and be flexible about my location at the weekend so I can visit lots of friends and family etc."
Graduate, Oxford
"We have a fantastic culture around team spirit and personal development. Everyone is supported in a way that enhances their strengths and allows them to overcome their weaknesses within an open, collaborative and friendly environment."
Graduate, Kingston Bagpuize
"The people and challenge found within the work. Everybody at Newton is brilliant both academically and emotionally, as well as being part of a team that consistently delivers quality work and instigates effective change that you can be proud of. Working in such an environment pushes you to be better and helps you to improve. On top of this, Newton colleagues are exceptionally supportive and always willing to help."
Graduate, Glasgow, but varies from project to project
"The high level of autonomy and responsibility you get as a graduate as well as exposure across all areas and levels of a business (from shop floor to CEO)."
Graduate, Varies across UK


"Getting to do important work on some of the biggest national agenda points (eg delayed transfers of care in the NHS). The fast pace of development and the levels of responsibility."
Graduate, Sheffield
"The excellent culture and great amount of time dedicated to my development by my seniors."
Graduate, Northampton
"We do socially impactful work and get early responsibility in both client-facing and internal matters. There's a young, fun and exciting workforce and work environment alongside extremely varied opportunities and good learning and development. We're well paid and get lots of perks, including subsidised weekends away, parties and a company car."
Graduate, Variable - depends on current project
"The entire company gets together once a fortnight for a Thursday night out with free drinks. Then, on the following day, you have a choice of workshops to go to that can be about any project we're working on in the company. This means that everyone gets to know each other before the workshops."
Entry level, All over the UK
"The company is very supportive and understanding. Although the work is tough, you never feel like you are in it alone and there are a huge number of people looking to support you from every angle."
Graduate, All over UK
"There's varied work with huge opportunities to get involved in a variety of challenges and responsibilities from day one. Also, you get to work with great people who have a strong focus on development."
Graduate, Barrow in Furness


"Working with a very bright, motivated team. I generally get along very well with everyone I work with and the company culture is excellent - the focus is on results, but that doesn't mean that you have to spend all of your time working."
Consultant, Oxford
"High levels of autonomy and responsibility, a great company culture and great opportunities for personal development."
Consultant, Leeds
"The company has an incredible drive and determination with a focus on personal career development."
"The opportunity to deliver amazing results for our clients and leaving them with a changed business."
Senior Consultant, London
"The people in the company, the speed at which you're given responsibility, the variety of work."
Senior Consultant, Maidstone
"Rapid progression, lots of learning and training, working with ambitious and supportive like-minded people."
Senior Consultant, London
"The company offers fantastic colleagues, varied challenges and the opportunity for constant development."
Senior Consultant, Oxford
"The company culture: very friendly people and lots of organised events to keep the company together and get to know everyone."
Consultant, Leeds
"The people are awesome! Friendly, down to earth, supportive, driven and bright."
Senior Consultant, Various UK locations
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