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Relations with Management

8.5 / 10

(based on 10 ratings in 2019)


"They appear to be present and accessible. There's plenty of interaction and everyone feels quite open to honesty."
Graduate, UK-wide
"We have a flat management structure. Everyone is available to talk to and provide feedback."
Graduate, UK - Field Base
"In the main they are very accessible but I have felt uncomfortable pushing for answers because I know how busy they are, which can delay my work."
Graduate, Oxford
"Everyone is very accessible and generous with feedback."
Graduate, Abingdon
"Founders and directors work with new graduates during the first month and are always placed on projects."
Consulting, Graduate, UK - Site Based
"You meet them fortnightly at review days."
Graduate, UK Wide


"We have great development managers who take a genuine interest in your career as well as very visible and approachable founding directors who still run the company. Everyone is present at fun-nights and activities and is genuinely interested in your work, progression and development."
Graduate, Bristol/Nottingham/Preston/London/Oxford/Leeds
"There is no feeling of hierarchy, I would have no hesitation in picking up the phone to senior management."
Graduate, Oxford
"All of my managers have made excellent mentors during my time at Newton, with a dual focus on delivering a successful project and ensuring that their team is happy, healthy and developing well. I've found that, even during extremely busy times, managers at Newton are happy to give me the time I need to ensure that I feel confident in what I need to do and how to do it. This has enabled me to deliver to a significantly higher standard than I would otherwise have been able to."
Graduate, Kingston Bagpuize
"The structure is really flat from top to bottom. Feedback is utilised excellently to promote development and on-the-job learning."
Graduate, Locations across the UK
"There's a very strong culture of feedback and it's expected that you will give feedback on your manager as well as receiving it. This helps to ensure that both parties are happy. Managers are very accessible, to the point where it's even sometimes hard to tell who's more senior than who."
Graduate, Varies across UK
"All levels of the business are incredibly open and willing to chat. I often have great conversations with associate directors and our directors at review days, which I think is pretty unusual."
Graduate, Nationwide - project work means we work on client sites across the UK.


"There is an immense focus placed on development by managers."
Graduate, Northampton
"There is a massive focus on development and feedback at Newton. If you don't feel like you have a good relationship with your line manager then this isn't seen as 'your problem'. It's something that you both need to work on to fix. There's a minimum amount of weekly feedback from line managers."
Graduate, UK Wide
"We have a very flat hierarchy with feedback and challenges being accepted upwards. Managers are very driven to develop junior employees and higher managers are frequently tested on their ability to know the full name of every employee."
Graduate, I have worked in several cities including: Edinburgh, Hamilton (Canada), Birmingham, Bolton and London
"Managers are very accessible and you can talk to anyone at any time. We're often quite used to having friendly chats with them anyway so bringing up a work issue isn't hard. Feedback is regular (and goes both ways) and people are genuinely trying to help you, which is quite refreshing! The whole structure is open and accessible so you won't struggle to be heard."
Entry level, Currently London, though it varies.
"I find it fantastic that people at all levels of the business are more than happy to support and help with queries. There are line managers and development managers who give you very regular support and feedback, as well as mentors who answer any queries you may have before you start with Newton. There is also a way to search for people who have a particular skill you need help on and you can just pick up the phone at any time to ask them for support."
Graduate, All over UK
"Most managers are easily available and make time for you when requested."
Mid level, UK Wide- Office is based on Oxford


"Feedback is key to development. Newton has a very flat structure where directors work with consultants allowing us to learn from their experience."
Consultant, Leeds
"This is addressed fantastically within the company. You are assigned a mentor and a development manager and there is a great feedback culture at work."
Consultant, Various UK locations
"Historically this has been excellent with every employee feeling like they had great relationships right up to director level. As the organisation grows this is understandably getting harder."
Senior Consultant, London
"The relationships fostered between managers and employees are probably the best feature of the company. You get an amazing amount of time with every level of the company and everyone genuinely cares."
Senior Consultant, Maidstone
"We are encouraged to feedback to management directly through 360 feedback. We also have a "whinging and improvements" committee who discuss any feedback which has been received about things which people suggest could be improved within Newton."
Senior Consultant, Birmingham
"I know the senior management personally and see them on a regular basis. Every employee also has a mentor who helps to guide their development."
Consultant, Oxford
"Some of the team are really good at mentoring, supporting and praising their team and the business has a very strong feedback culture. That being said, some of them aren't as effective, and it is always difficult to manage upwards and give direct feedback to your line managers."
Consultant, Leeds
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