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IT's not just for the boys!

Female STEM students looking to forge successful careers in tech.

Alisa Gunina

I was really thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the TARGETjobs 'ITs not just for the boys’ event. Before attending I was expecting a networking event – however, it ended up being more than that, including lots of inspirational talks and fun activities. This event inspired me to aim higher in my career and to just be myself, even if the usual corporate world tells you not to do so. Moreover, I was able to meet very inspirational female leaders, which my feminist self was extremely excited about. 

For the registration, I was subscribed to a TARGETjobs newsletter and was fortunate that this email didn't end up in my spam! I filled in a form online and had a short phone interview for which I highlighted which technological trends interest me the most and what my studies/employment history are. The TARGETjobs team were really helpful and provided me with all of the necessary guidance for the event and answered all of my questions.

Securing an internship at Cisco
I took part in a practice assessment centre ‘skills session’ where we had an opportunity to work as a team to brainstorm an app. The recruiters were assessing us and we got helpful feedback. I had an opportunity to highlight my passion to the Cisco recruiters, who were lovely by the way! They provided me with application tips and told me to apply for the role I was interested in – for which the deadline was in two days. I was then shortlisted for the role and managed to secure my internship. All thanks to this event!

I would definitely recommend any person interested in technology and the IT industry to attend this event, especially if you are looking for placements, internships and graduate roles! Not only does it give you an opportunity to step out of your way and network with inspiring professionals, but it is also great to include on your CV. As for advice, make sure to highlight which field/role you are interested in and stay proactive!