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Miriam Ugarte – Systems Engineer in Spectrum Engineering

Headshot of Miriam

Can you tell us a little bit about your academic background / work prior to Inmarsat

I studied Telecommunication Engineering degree in Mondragon University (2010-2014). During the last year of my degree, I went to Switzerland as an exchange student to the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

Before joining Inmarsat I worked part time in a small R&D company called Centro Stirling (Spain) where I carried out my end of degree thesis. It consisted in developing and re-designing a SW of a micro-cogeneration control system for its reusability. I also worked part-time as an intern at the Department of Electronics and Informatics where I supported professors carrying out their research.

What was it that made you apply?

While I was studying at the EPFL in Switzerland, I had a course of Satellites where I found it very exciting and interesting this world, I would say that this was a kind of introduction to Inmarsat. Once back in Spain, while I was finishing my degree, I contacted my Satellite course professor of Switzerland in order to introduce me to Inmarsat.

Can you share some of your highlights / achievements since joining Inmarsat

While I was in the UT team I supported the helicopter measurement campaign where I carried out some measurements on the bench. Based on those helicopter analysis results and thanks to the support of my colleagues I published the whitepaper Impact of Interleaving Length on Satellite Communication Performance in Helicopter Environment in IEEE Systems Conference 2016.

Can you describe the environment and culture here at Inmarsat

I would describe it as a place where you can call it “family”. Based on my experience, Inmarsat people are open, passionate about their work, kind to help you whenever you need it and great people. Inmarsat gives you plenty of career development opportunities to grow you on a personal and a professional level.

Activities outside of work

I go swimming before work early morning and I enjoy hiking in the countryside.