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About us

BlackRock was founded 25 years ago by eight entrepreneurs who wanted to start a very different company. One that combined the best of a financial leader and a technology pioneer. And one that focused many diverse views on a singular purpose: making a difference in the lives of the parents and grandparents, the doctors and teachers who entrust us with their money—and their futures—every day.

Today, we’ve become the world’s largest investment manager—with over $4 trillion under management and many of the largest companies and governments around the globe turning to us with their biggest financial challenges. At the heart of BlackRock is a world-class technology system called Aladdin. It is an unmatched operating platform—and central nervous system—that unites all the information, people and technology needed to manage money in real time and at every step in the investment process. Unlike other financial firms, technology at BlackRock is a profit center, not a support function, and stands on its own as a fast-growing business.

Our technology is relied upon by the World’s biggest companies and government turn to BlackRock, and the insights only Aladdin can uncover to help them run their businesses and address their most important challenges

  • 19,000 users worldwide including Chief Technology officers, Chief Risk offices, Portfolio managers and traders

  • 50+ of the World’s Largest Financial Institutions run on Aladdin

  • 9 out of the 30 Top Asset managers Worldwide use our risk technology

Technology opportunities

Technology roles include Software Engineering, Portfolio Analytics and Aladdin Client Business.

Software Development: Design and develop applications
Aladdin is central to our technology strategy and it unifies BlackRock by providing everyone with a common language and a central point of reference for our investment activities globally. The Aladdin Product group utilizes sophisticated web services, Java applications and C++ servers, tied together by a real-time messaging system and connected to a large and sophisticated database.

Aladdin Client Services: Collaborate with clients to problem solve and reach solutions
The Client Services group is committed to supporting users of BlackRock’s Aladdin® risk and investment management platform. We are subject matter experts for our internal BlackRock employees, and 50+ of the world’s largest financial institutions that represent our external client base. Analysts develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Aladdin®, our clients’ business, and the overall investment management process.

Portfolio Analytics: Deliver financial analysis on securities and portfolios
The Portfolio Analytics Group works with BlackRock Solutions financial modelers and software developers to enhance the firm’s risk and analytical capabilities across fixed income, equities, and multi-asset products. We follow capital markets and industry events to assess their impact on our clients, and implement solutions to address their needs.

How to apply

Visit and apply online. 
We offer graduate analyst, summer internship, 1 year placement positions and insight weeks.