IT's not just for the boys


About us

Bloomberg technology helps drive some of the world’s most important financial decisions.  We provide transparency to the global markets through our software.  Our 2,000 programmers work directly with their business counterparts to define, architect, build, and deploy complete systems that anticipate and fulfill our client needs.  We build things that matter and solve large-scale complex problems.  When your code provides real time market data, nanoseconds matter. 

Interesting Facts

  • We are the technology for the financial industry. We produce the most financial news and data, bringing together 350+ exchanges, 4,000+ FIX feeds, and 80,000+ news wires from across the world, consuming over 45 billion ticks a day that our customers use to power their businesses.
  • We have one of the largest private networks in the world, connecting our customers in 180+ countries and providing uninterrupted world-class service.
  • We provided true electronic social connectivity in the financial world long before the Internet.

Graduate opportunities

Do you want to write industry-leading software relied upon by the world's decision makers?
Do you want to collaborate with and learn from the best software engineers?
Do you want to be based in an exciting and dynamic workspace at the heart of the innovative software development community in London?
Do you want to be challenged and well-rewarded while doing all the above?

Bloomberg R&D is hiring.

If you are:

  • Interested in pursuing a career as a software developer
  • Smart - you quickly pick up new technologies and approach problems in innovative ways
  • Flexible - you are focused on solving the problem at hand and use the most appropriate tool to do so
  • Determined - you relish challenges - both technical and domain-related - and don't stop until the work is done
  • Passionate - you really care about what you are doing and the difference that your contribution is making
  • Communication-Focused - you can convey complex ideas in simple terms
  • A team player - success is much sweeter for you when achieved as part of a team

We want to hear from you.

Software Development Graduate, Internship and Placement positions are now available.

How to apply

Visit and apply online.
Successful candidates will then be invited to a phone interview followed by a face to face interview.