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Female STEM students looking to forge successful careers in tech.


About us

We are a global energy business with an enormous reach across the world’s energy system. Our industry is changing faster than at any time in our lifetime, driven in part by innovative technological advances. Bp is proud to lead the way in this journey. As one of the earliest major energy companies to move to the Cloud, we have the largest uses of public cloud in the industry and our use grows every day. We operate one of the largest private supercomputers in the country and are investing heavily in the next generation of networks, computing platforms, data analytics tools to unlock insights and new ways of working.

Graduate opportunities

The IT&S Graduate Program offers some of the best training and development the industry has to offer. Typically lasting two years, you’ll have the opportunity to work in two very different teams — giving you experience of a delivery role and a supporting function. You will push the boundaries of our current thinking and bring your fresh focus and energy to help us innovate and challenge the way we make the most of technology in a dynamic business. You will learn how to implement change, innovate and help us be part of the technology of tomorrow.

In addition to your training & development throughout your first year at Bp you will also take part in the Technology Graduate Project. Alongside your day job you will work directly for the most senior technology leaders in the company who will set you a current live challenge from within our business. Working with your fellow first year technology graduates from across the globe and directly with the business you will build an innovative and dynamic solution using all the latest ideas and innovation thinking. This solution, if successful, will be implemented live to support the Bp business directly.

Your learning is paramount, so your mentor and training team will support your professional and technical development every step of the way. We believe that this combination of learning, development and breadth of exposure will give you the best possible start to a career within BP.

Graduate Business Analyst

You will act as the main interface for all facets of IT within the area. The role requires thought leadership, ability to influence and inspire change in a positive and impactful way. Internal IT relationships are equally as meaningful. As well as having relationships for your own service, you will connect with other projects in service of the wider IT agenda.

We depend on an efficient and effective lifecycle from inception through to retirement. If demand for products is growing, then you are part of building the case for investment to support the demand. Where an opportunity is seen to change, eliminate or merge services, you will help the Service Owner to drive those changes actively, doing the right thing for BP.

Graduate Developer

You will work with a team of Product and Service Owners, Architects and other specialists to develop enhancements and craft new products and services, you will meet new people and get exposed to new cultures and grow your confidence and skills along the way.

Depending on your interest, you will focus in one of three areas:

  • At-scale enterprise software development including those focused on trading applications primarily using Java J2EE / C#.Net or other high level languages
  • At-scale systems automation primarily using automation frameworks, complex scripting (typically Python) and microservices development
  • Security systems development focusing on the manipulation and management of large data-sets, complex scripting activities and systems management

Graduate Security Incident Specialist

We are looking for people who have a passion for Information Security to join our Security Operations Center and help with security incident response. You will be embedded with a dynamic engineering focused team, with the resources of one of the world's largest IT department and leading IT vendors at your fingertips. Bp faces constant attack and you will sit on the front-lines of our defense efforts.

When incidents occur, you will jump into the detail and help us find out what went wrong, how we can fix it and what we can do to ensure it never happens again. We will help you along your way but you possess a spark that drives you forward and are comfortable operating with a degree of autonomy. You will coach others and share your knowledge to help us all improve together.

Graduate Risk and Compliance Analyst

You will embed within a business unit, IT service line or project team. Once there, you will bring your understanding of Information Security principles and best-practices to the organization and champion secure, easy-to-use solutions that ensure data integrity, confidentiality and security. This role requires the ability to consider all aspects of organizational change and the full lifecycle of solutions. You will find that some barriers to security are behavioral. In those cases you'll champion ease-of-use, simplification and automation of security so that the secure approach is also the path of least resistance.

You'll find some barriers are centered around process, data or technology limitations. If so, you'll work within your group to optimize those processes, find solutions to data challenges or assess what technologies we can bring in to help overcome these impediments.

Graduate Data Specialist

We are looking for people who believe that data can help drive extraordinary decision makings. You will be embedded with a dynamic data-focused team, with the resources of the world's largest IT department and leading IT vendors at your fingertips. We will help you along your way but you possess a spark that drives you forward and are comfortable operating with a degree of autonomy.

You will work with a business people, data scientists, domain specialists and analysis to understand the challenges to us achieving our aspirations. You will dig into data sets and use tools and techniques to cleanse, rationalize and infer meaning out of data. Using that data you will craft views that help decision makers use data in an intuitive and consumable way. As the data-centric culture takes root, you'll continue to partner with the users of the data to expose new insights and relate data to other areas.

As part of BP, you will also be able to take part in additional activities outside of your role, whether it be supporting local community initiatives, our BP Business Resourcing Groups and you are given the encouragement and time to participate.

How to apply

To apply, visit the BP careers website: Typically you are required complete an online application, psychometric testing, a technical interview and assessment centre. Early applications are encouraged.

Connect with BP

Contact number: 
0800 279 2088