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About us

A trade takes place in Houston. The data comes from London, the bank is in Singapore and the trader is sitting in Chicago. The rapid flow of information is crucial to the success of BP’s supply and trading sector, which is one of the world’s largest energy trading businesses. But it’s the work of a global, dedicated, information technology and services (IT&S) division that makes a difference. We deliver innovative IT to the business, enhancing supply and commodity trading activity across supply and trading's global gas and oil strategic performance units.

Join us and you’ll be part of a rapidly changing business that will constantly test your technical and personal skills. The oil and gas sector offers a number of unique opportunities for graduates who are keen to build a career in technology. Systems, software and architecture play a significant role in the development of our business and information technology is one of the most important factors in keeping trading and traders ahead of the competition. We have over 900 IT professionals working in 50 countries, with key hubs in London, Chicago, Houston, Calgary and Singapore.

Graduate opportunities

As a graduate on the Technology Programme within supply and trading, you’ll play a pivotal role in helping the business with new systems, working in partnership with traders to develop the new ways of working for the future.

The programme offers some of the best training and development the industry has to offer. Typically lasting two years, you’ll have the opportunity to work in two very different teams — giving you experience of a delivery role and a supporting function. You will push the boundaries of our current thinking and bring your fresh focus and energy to help us innovate and challenge the way we make the most of technology in a dynamic business. You will learn how to implement change, innovate and help us be part of the technology of tomorrow within our trading business.

Your learning is paramount, so your mentor and training team will support your professional and technical development every step of the way. We believe that this combination of learning, development and breadth of exposure will give you the best possible start to a career within IT&S supply and trading.

On successful completion of the scheme, you’ll apply for your first role. This will be driven by your choice, experience to date and where you would like to develop your skills. During your first role you will remain in country but there will be opportunities to apply for international positions thereafter.

How to apply

To apply, visit the BP careers website: Typically you are required complete an online application, psychometric testing, a technical interview and assessment centre. Early applications are encouraged.