IT's not just for the boys


We’re the longest established communication company in the world. We evolved from the first national telecommunications undertaking, founded in 1846. Back then, the goal was to make communication possible within minutes and hours, instead of days and weeks. We’ve come a long way since. Today, we work in global offices, stretching from Sao Paolo to Sydney. Through us, millions of people connect with friends and family, share huge amounts of information and enjoy a world of entertainment at their fingertips.

Every day, small companies and multinational corporations use our services to do business and compete in the global marketplace. Lots of services rely on BT technology, including the New York Stock Exchange. In the UK, the entire telecoms industry operates across our networks.

We’re now the fourth most valuable brand in the UK and 58th in the world. We have exciting plans to keep growing and using the power of communications to make a better world.

We have numerous exciting Graduate opportunities available. Our business roles include, Business Management, HR, Marketing, Legal and Customer Solution Design. Our Technical programs include:

Software Engineering

As part of our ever-expanding software engineering teams, you'll interact with, or work on, parts of the complete software development life cycle. Being part of this unique community will help you to keep updating your skills, with opportunities to participate in technical conferences and masterclasses.

Network Engineering

Network engineering covers the full life cycle of developing fixed and mobile network solutions - you could get involved in a project that includes gathering and analysing requirements, developing high level network solutions, designing mobile access networks, selecting network equipment, configuring a wide range of devices or ensuring the solution is fit for purpose.


Our teams cover a wealth of areas, so there's plenty for you to get involved in. You could find yourself working in anything from security research to delivering security architecture and assurance services, or providing technical and project management support. Other areas you could be involved in are, bid support, design and investigations into security vulnerabilities, as well as the development and delivery of a range of identity services to BT customers and partners.

Research and Engineering

Our Research and Innovation teams explore the many exciting ways in which we can meet the needs of our global customers now and in the future. As you help to develop the innovative solutions we seek, you’ll build on your expertise in a specific field and, as your depth of technical knowledge grows, you'll become a consultant in your specialism, for people across the business. In some cases you’ll be working on collaborative projects with other global research and technology organisations. You’ll gain an understanding of the future challenges facing a global company, and your research will shape the future of BT.

You can apply online at If you have any queries during the application process, please contact us via