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About us

Since 1846 we’ve been at the heart of communications technology. That’s over 170 years of conversations and connections, services and solutions, all powered by our dedication to innovation. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but our history speaks for itself. We’ve been digital since way back when in 1968 when we opened the world’s first digital telephone exchange. Long before then we pioneered the electric telegraph, sent the first wireless transmissions across the Atlantic and built the first programmable computer. So you’ll agree we’ve quite a past. But we prefer to focus on the future.

In the world of communications technology BT has led the way since day one, and at a time when the world has never been more connected, there’s never been a better time to join us. We believe in open innovation; closely working in partnership with customers, academics, industry and government to deliver always-improving solutions that our customers rely on every single day.

And that open innovation is happening all around the world.

So while we’ve come a long way in 170 years, in some ways we’re still doing what we’ve always done. Always innovating, always leading, always improving. Come and join us. There’s very few truly global, forward-thinking companies delivering truly world-changing solutions.

Graduate opportunities

The main tech focused opportunities at BT include:

Software - Our Software programme focusses on designing, testing and operating our systems which are used to deliver vital services for our customers. And, with such a wide range of projects on the go, you can be sure you’ll get a well rounded knowledge and experience with us and you could be working on voice (fixed or mobile), TV, content delivery, mobility or security. So it’s the perfect opportunity to put your knowledge of the software lifecycle into practice.

Networks - Networks are responsible for designing, building, testing and operating fixed and mobile network solutions across the globe. By joining our programme, you’ll be working together with technical innovators in communications, electronics and information technology, you’ll carry out a range of development and integration activities which underpin our network platforms and services.

R&I – If you want to work at the very heart of BT then our Research and Innovation programme is where you want to be. Innovation is in our DNA and our teams are always working to explore how we can meet the needs of our global customers now and in the future. We’re linked up with some of the best and brightest minds of Silicon Valley, MIT and Cambridge - to name just a few - working on innovations in novel networking technologies (especially optics, quantum and future wireless technologies), IoT and Big Data, novel computing architectures, future TV and media, security & cybersecurity.

Security – By joining our security graduate scheme you’ll be working across a number of teams so you could have the chance to work on everything from research and delivering security architecture to bid support and developing and deploying solutions to our customers. If you’ve got an interest in cyber security, security architecture and design, pen testing and ethical hacking we’ll give you a great environment to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills so you can become an expert in the field.

Technical Consultant - This is the most exciting time to be working in technology. Today. Right now. The digital and physical worlds are blurring, and the pace of change keeps increasing – that’s why our Technical Consultant programme within the Chief Information Office (CIO) are crucial in developing the transformational technology that can lead BT and our customers to achieve brilliant results.

There are also other areas which include: HR, Legal, Project Management, Product Management, Commercial Management, Procurement, Business Analysis and Improvement, Sales, Customer Service Leadership, Marketing, Client Service Menagement

How to apply

Our application process is quick and straightforward – our application form is your online profile, we just need details of who you are and where you’ve studied.

Next is our situational strengths test

Depending on the role you’ve applied for you’ll then progress to either a video interview or skype interview and final stage is our assessment centre.

We’ve got loads of hints and tips about each of these stages on our website