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About us:

IBM and innovation have always been great partners. Over the last 100 years, IBM has worked to make technology faster, more effective and more accessible. Today, we’re focused on how we can make the planet a better place to work and live, by creating systems that improve people’s lives. Systems that can make energy grids more effective, improve water management, make healthcare more affordable and transform the global supply chain.

IBM employ talented, smart people in almost every area, in just about every country, so no matter where your talents and aspirations lie, it’s not hard to find like-minded people who share your interests. At IBM graduates will gain knowledge and experience like nowhere else.

You’ll also be challenged and supported to achieve everything you want in your career. And you’ll find everything you need to build the kind of career you want. But it’s up to you how it goes. You’ll be the one in charge, putting forward your ideas, taking on responsibilities and making choices about how you get the job done.

To make sure graduates get exactly the help and skills they need, IBM provide targeted training that includes a range of opportunities – from a formal mentoring programme and tailored skills and career development to peer support and professional development through monthly forums and the IBM volunteering programme.

So it’s no wonder we’ve been voted ‘Graduate Employer of Choice for IT’ at The Times Graduate Recruitment Awards time and time again. Quite an achievement – but nothing compared to the great things our people go on to accomplish.

Graduate opportunities:


  • Technical Consultant
  • Business Consultant
  • Financial Management Consultant
  • Strategic Analytics Consultant


  • Software Developer
  • Technology Solutions Specialist

How to apply:

Online via