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IT's not just for the boys!

Female STEM students looking to forge successful careers in tech.


About us

We’re a global company of passionate technologists. Our mission is to better humanity through software and help drive the creation of a socially and economically just world.

Founded 22 years ago, we have over 3,600 employees in 36 offices across six continents.

Our clients think big. They are people and organizations with ambitious missions. They are disrupting retail, healthcare, travel, education, media, government, telecommunications and the humanitarian sector. They want to unleash the power of software for their cause or business. We help them envision, design and deliver.

We think building great software is a social activity, best done by teams of brilliant people. It's not a mechanical process where individuals are interchangeable cogs in a master plan. Our clients want to create and deliver products that blow their customers' minds. We get the right people working together to make it happen.

Along with many of our clients, we are agents of progressive change in the world. Aware of our own privilege, we strive to see the world from the perspective of the oppressed, the powerless, and the invisible.

Graduate opportunities

Graduate Software Developers, London £35,000, Manchester £32,000

Graduate Designers, London £35,000, Manchester £32,000

How to apply

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