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Cindy Jiang

Cindy Jiang

Cindy Jiang secures a summer internship with AIG

Cindy attended the TARGETjobs Event IT's not just for the boys! event in November 2016. As a result she's managed to secure a summer internship with AIG - one of the companies she met on the day! Congratulations Cindy! Read about her day below and why she recommends that you take every opportunity and attend the next event!

My name is Cindy Jiang and I am a second year student at the University of Birmingham studying political economy. “It’s not just for the boys!” was a great and inspiring event which has highly influenced my professional life plans. Despite not coming from a computer science background, through my own research and meeting various companies on campus in my first year I slowly begun to develop an interest in IT. My knowledge of technology is quite limited (in regards to coding or logistics) but I am fascinated in the challenging and innovative industry of IT. This event was therefore the perfect opportunity for me to go outside my comfort zone and learn more about the various positions and schemes some IT related companies had to offer!

In order to attend the event, the team at TARGETjobs require students to complete an online application - this ensures that only the highly motivated and genuinely interested students attend the event. The application process was really smooth, I first had to submit my CV and outline the reasons which inspire me to attend the event. Having passed this stage I was then selected for a telephone interview, which again I had to prepare for but it wasn’t too difficult- it's important to demonstrate your true interest to the event.

I personally really enjoy these events as you are able to meet so many representatives from companies that you have either barely heard of or not heard of all and you get to speak to lots of other like minded students. The event was very well organised and the incredibly friendly members of TARGETjobs and the company representatives made me at ease throughout the whole day. The event I attended was held in the fascinating Bloomberg offices in London, with superb facilities! The day started with the amazing guest speaker Kate Taylor (an empowerment coach) and followed by many activities which involved team challenges and networking sessions.

During a networking session I was able to meet a representative from AIG and at this stage I was very unfamiliar with the company and insurance. Through this conversation however I learned a lot on the insurance industry, but more importantly i learned more about AIG. I had the chance to talk with a member of the graduate recruitment team who outlined the various positions they have to offer to undergraduates. I seemed to have the right skills set matching one of their positions and I was highly recommended to apply to a scheme. At this event I was also able to chat to recent graduates from the various companies and learn first hand more about their respective roles. I was able to compare and make my own choices of which companies and areas I would most likely see myself working in.

Following the event I carried out further research and submitted an application for a summer internship with AIG. I successfully passed the online application process and was kindly invited for an assessment day a few months later. This process seemed to go pretty quickly and I have now secured a Commercial Underwriting Summer Internship with AIG for summer 2017!

To any student who is still unsure of your future career path, my recommendation is to be curious and attend as many interesting events as you can! Years go by quickly, so make the most of it, meet employers and develop new skills- it is always in your advantage!