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IT's not just for the boys!

Female STEM students looking to forge successful careers in tech.

Nakai Jirira Learn from Nakai, as she shares her experience of, and gives her advice for, attending IT's not just for the boys!

Nakai Jirira

I started researching career events in my last year of university and came across TARGETjobs IT’s not just for the boys! event. This was indeed a lucky find!

How to apply for IT's not just for the boys!

In order to attend the event, it was necessary to submit an application. I was nervous, as it was more detailed than I had initially anticipated. Looking back, the information that I used in this application really helped me with subsequent applications. It’s also a great opportunity to get down ‘on paper’ what excites you about the technology sector.

There was a telephone interview prior to the event. This was a great opportunity to practise using all of the skills required for future internship, placement and graduate job telephone interviews.

How I prepared for the careers event

Before the interviews and the event, I was quite nervous so browsing the IT’s not just for the boys! website was really helpful. I saw how lively and engaging past events looked, I also used this as an opportunity to research and highlight companies that I was interested in. This was invaluable as there were so many companies attending that I had never even considered, especially as I didn’t come from a stereotypical computer engineering background. It really proved to me that there were opportunities in the technology field for someone like me.

Just before the event I was extremely nervous as I had only been to a few on-campus networking events and nothing of this size. I made sure I picked an outfit that was clean, presentable, professional and comfortable. This meant I could really engage with the speakers and activities and not worry about anything as the day went on.

What I got out of IT’s not just for the boys!

The day itself was amazing and went by so quickly! The speakers, especially Anne-Marie Imafidon, really got me motivated for the rest of the day. The inspiring talks especially resonated so much with me and the other girls that were there. There were group activities later on and this gave me an opportunity to meet and speak to my peers; this was great as I didn’t know anyone prior to attending.

By the end of the evening it was difficult to leave – as I tried to say goodbye and thank you to everyone (plus attempting to jot down everyone’s names for LinkedIn and/or Facebook at a later date). However, this was a great thing to do because I met quite a few other girls at subsequent interviews and assessment centre days (and I think seeing a friendly face at these future stages really put me at ease).

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and ended up attending several assessment centres and interviews for graduate schemes as a result. I am really pleased to say that I will be taking up a positon at Capgemini in September and I cannot wait to get started.

This was all made possible by the really unique and awesome day that is IT’s not just for the boys!, organised by the really supportive team at TARGETjobs (who have kept in touch since the event last year!)