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Female STEM students looking to forge successful careers in tech.

Zlatina Mileva

I have taken part in mathematical competitions for as long as I can remember and mathematics has been an important part of my life. However, I have always had that desire to find a field where I could apply my mathematics problem-solving skills in practice and use them for real purposes. That is why I decided to study mathematics and computer science. It was then when I could dive deeper into the field of computer science and learned that you can make a huge impact using technology.

After my first year at university I decided that I wanted to undertake an internship related to computer science in the summer after my second year. However, I knew so little about how to get an internship, which companies to apply for, what skills you need. I came across the TARGETjobs website and decided to sign up. At first, I did not know whether it would be helpful at all but now I am very happy that I decided to give it a go. Through this website, I was able to attend a few very useful career events and enhance my knowledge about the opportunities open to me.

The best event I have attended so far is IT’s not just for the boys!. There I was able to meet some great companies that are leaders in their fields of industry. I learned a lot about their culture, their requirements and the opportunities they provide. I received some advice on what I needed to stand out in the interviews for the software engineering roles, which I found very helpful.

Most importantly, I found out about other roles, apart from software engineering ones. I really liked the role of summer analyst and I decided to apply to BlackRock – an employer I would not otherwise have applied to, because they did not provide summer internships in software engineering. In my opinion, the summer analyst role will fit me even better – I will be able to use both my mathematics and computer science skills.

Make sure you always explore all the opportunities, not only those that you have heard of or think will be suitable for you. You can always ask the representatives which role they think would fit you, considering the skills and the education you have – you might be surprised by their answers and what they can lead to.

Lastly, of course, my advice is – apply! You can only benefit from applying for more positions and you might do a lot better than expected.

To sum up, I want to thank the TARGETjobs team for their warm attitude and the great start they gave me!