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Employees: 11 to 50

We are a specialist civil law set providing high-quality advice and advocacy to a wide range of private and public sector clients, both claimants and defendants.

Types of work undertaken

Pupils can expect to gain a range of experience across the following areas: public law and human rights; employment and discrimination law; commercial law; retained EU law; data protection; information law, media & data privacy, public procurement, partnership, professional discipline and regulatory law and sports law.


The great majority of tenants are recruited from those who have done a 12-month pupillage here. We offer pupillages only to those who we believe have the potential to become tenants and our policy is to offer tenancy to all pupils who meet the required standard during their pupillage. We place a high premium on outstanding intellectual ability, but we are also looking for strong advocacy skills, determination and practical common sense that will lead to a successful practice.11KBW is a member of the Pupillage Gateway. Applications for pupillage commencing October 2024 should be made in the new Pupillage Gateway Spring round in 2023 (although we accept deferred applications). Chambers has a four-stage process for pupillage applications (subject to reasonable adjustments):

  1. All applications for pupillage are reviewed by the Pupillage and Tenancy Committee. Applicants will be expected to have a first or good upper-second-class degree (in any academic field), subject to mitigating circumstances;
  2. Selected candidates are invited to complete a piece of assessed written work, intended to be completed in the second half of March 2023. This piece of work may be completed remotely unless the circumstances of the applicant are such that completing the application in Chambers is preferable;
  3. Following the assessed written work, selected candidates are invited into Chambers for an oral assessment and mini-pupillage day. It is envisaged that this will take place in mid-April 2023;
  4. Selected candidates from the third stage will be invited for a final round interview in the first week of May 2023.

Offers to successful candidates will be made through the Gateway in May 2023.


We offer a Pupillage Award of £75,000 (up to £20,000 of the pupillage award may be paid to prospective pupils as an advance in their BPTC year).

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