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3VB is a leading barristers’ chambers providing specialist advocacy and advisory services worldwide in all areas of commercial and financial litigation, dispute resolution, international arbitration and public international law.

Who we are

3VB has a genuine depth of experience across the full range of commercial litigation, from banking and financial services to civil fraud, company law, insurance, professional negligence, insolvency, IT, media and entertainment and public international law. Chambers has a strong reputation in domestic and international arbitration, including significant experience of investment treaty disputes and cases involving energy, natural resources and infrastructure.

3VB has substantial experience of international work, in both litigation and arbitration. Members are frequently instructed by lawyers from other jurisdictions and are accustomed to working in multi-jurisdictional teams. They have particular experience of disputes arising in the Caribbean, the Gulf States, the post-Soviet states and the Asia-Pacific region.

3VB’s policy is to offer pupillage only to those candidates with the potential to become tenants in chambers. 3VB recruits no more pupils than there are available spaces for new tenants. Each pupil is therefore judged solely on his or her own merit. Pupils do not compete against each other; they will be successful in securing tenancy if the calibre of their work by the time of the decision meets the high standard expected of a junior tenant at 3VB. In the last three years, 3VB has taken on eight of its nine pupils as new tenants.

3VB is committed to equality of opportunity and diversity in the workplace. 3VB have created and now work along with nine other leading sets of chambers on the Mentoring for Underrepresented Groups Scheme, which aims to support and encourage individuals from groups which are underrepresented at the Bar of England and Wales (and in particular the commercial bar) to pursue careers as barristers.

Recruitment process

Pupillage applications are made through the centralised Pupillage Gateway scheme in the January and February of the calendar year before the pupillage is due to start (i.e. applications in January and February 2023 will be for pupillage commencing in October 2024). Dates for first and second interviews will be published on this website in due course; usually these interviews take place during March/April.

The first round interview comprises a 15-minute discussion with a panel of interviewers about matters arising out of the applicant’s CV and application, and a law-related question, for example on a recent appellate decision (of which they will be notified in advance), to test the applicant’s ability to think on their feet, analytical skills and oral advocacy.

Approximately fifteen applicants are then invited to the second round interview.

The interview itself covers two broad stages: first, the applicant is provided with an opportunity to present their oral argument or opinion to the panel, and questions will be asked in relation to that legal problem. Secondly, applicants will be asked questions about their academic record and previous experience. The second round interview lasts approximately thirty minutes.

Equality and diversity

3VB is committed to equality of opportunity and diversity in the workplace. We strive to ensure that the principle of fair and equal treatment is upheld in all areas of our business, including recruitment of pupils, members and staff and also in the areas of practice development of members of Chambers.

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