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targetjobs Awards: third place
targetjobs Awards: third place
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#3 UK 300 student rated sector ranking
UK300 badge
#74 UK 300 student rated overall ranking
Employees: 10000+

Do you believe there's strength in diversity and that we really can save the planet by working together? This is for you.

Who We Are

New Name. New Era. We’re making some exciting changes to our company brands and uniting SNC-Lavalin, Atkins, and Faithful+Gould to become AtkinsRéalis.

Aligned to this we’re introducing a brand new look. This is a journey, and it will take time to evolve, so for early careers you will still see us as Atkins for the time being. Please be reassured that this doesn’t impact any of the roles you apply for – we’re still us, just better.

Atkins, operating under AtkinsRéalis is a leading global consultancy with over 80 years of design, engineering and project management expertise.

With us, you'll join a team that asks questions and dares to see things differently while engineering a better future for our planet and its people. We're driven to create world class sustainable solutions, connecting people, data and technology so we can partner with clients to bring the most complex projects across the world to life.

Graduates have the opportunity to be part of a wide variety of projects that can leave a lasting legacy, from helping to provide drinkable water in third world countries to solving the energy problems of the future. As a leading global consultancy, we offer graduates the chance to work with major clients like the UK Ministry of Defence, EDF and Heathrow Airport and on national and international projects.

With the Atkins Graduate Development Programme, graduates can be sure that they are in great company. Supported by line managers, senior leaders, the Learning & Development team and the graduate community, they’re given the trust and flexibility to drive their own development. You’ll be part of a diverse environment where well-being and work-life balance is not only encouraged, it’s highly valued.

We offer a graduate experience like no other, where graduates are surrounded by a wealth of design, engineering and project management expertise. You'll be supported and trusted to drive your own development and you'll benefit from events, training, personal development and mentoring as you grow. Our professional schemes can even lead to Chartered status.

We’re a world-leading design, engineering and project management organisation. We connect people, data and technology to transform the world’s infrastructure and energy systems. With over 36,000 employees, offices in 50+ countries, and projects touching every corner of the planet, we’re making an impact like never before.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


Join us in UK & Europe and you join over 9,000 people from a multitude of different cultures and backgrounds. Our goal is to make sure that every single person feels included, valued and has an equal voice. We aim to provide a supportive environment and be sensitive to individual needs and ambitions. We weave ED&I into all of our working practices and projects and its central to our culture.

You won’t just experience these values inside the business. You’ll also inspire the world around you – through more inclusive, accessible and sustainable design.

Whether it’s our Getting Home Safely initiative, improving safety for women in public spaces, or prioritizing accessibility in infrastructure development. We’re designing places that are more sensitive to human differences – in ability, language, culture, gender, age and other forms of diversity. We’re creating a better future, and you can help make it happen.


Change can only be driven by the right leaders – trusted, inclusive people who make us feel safe and valued.

This means removing barriers to progression and opportunity wherever we find them. It means further diversifying our hiring to include all under-represented groups and increasing representation of these groups at all levels throughout the UK&E, especially in leadership. We set targets for female and ethnic minority representation to keep us on track.

Of course, it doesn’t stop with hiring. No matter who you are, you’ll also be supported with ground-breaking learning opportunities, including signature programmes targeted at under-represented groups. To unleash your full potential, give you an equal chance of success, and enhance your career through more opportunities.

Our Commitments

  • Recruit from the most diverse talent pool and increase the proportion of female and ethnic minorities within our Early Careers intake
  • Set targets for women and ethnic minority staff within our business and continuously review our Different Makes a Difference plan to ensure we achieve them
  • Actively promote our Returners Programme to help more women and parents back into careers (we’re also piloting a buddy scheme to offer further support parents with their return to work)
  • Help employees and line managers by embedding our Pregnancy Loss toolkit
  • Support those who may need a reasonable adjustment to address a challenge at work or during recruitment
  • Overcome barriers to career progression for women and ethnic minorities, with actions based on our in-depth Career Deflection Report
  • Work with our supply chain to understand where they are on their ED&I journey and support them in becoming aligned with our policy
  • Provide inclusive leadership training with our senior leaders
  • Keep pushing our signature programs to develop skills and confidence – such as Thrive, aimed to level the playing field for under-represented groups, and Inspire, for developing women in the workplace so that they can achieve greater success

Our journey is ongoing, and progress doesn’t just come from a program or a leader – we all need to be part of the difference. So we encourage everyone to get involved and make their voices heard. This is most evident in our self-generated Staff Networks – representing groups from women to LGBTQ+, military to faith.

Staff Networks

Armed Forces Network

A network for advocates of the Armed Forces to collaborate with the Partnering with Armed Forces Programme. Our community includes veterans, reservists, members of armed forces cadet organisations, and spouses. We aim to support these through our current and future initiatives. We also welcome those who are wider family members or supporters and want to get involved.


Embrace is a support network providing a community and safe space for Ethnic Minorities and Allies within Atkins. The network focuses on encouraging, empowering and influencing positive change at all levels within the working environment by educating and raising awareness about race inequality in the workplace. Our Mission Statement is to be Influencers of change that encourage and embrace the creation of a more diverse and inclusive workforce.



The Women’s Professional Network (WPN) is a staff network encouraging a gender-balanced, inclusive workplace where all employees can flourish. We endeavour to create a space for attendees to network and share knowledge with colleagues from across the business and other organisations.


Enable is a friendly vibrant community for sharing ideas, information and news relevant to those affected by disability or health conditions – visible or not.


This is a place for our employees to discuss LGBTQ+ issues, regardless of whether they identify themselves as a member of the LGBTQ+ community or otherwise.


Faith Network:

We understand that people have varying faiths and beliefs, we want to embrace everyone’s individual relationship with their faith or belief, and we want to celebrate with all faiths and beliefs within our organization. Our Faith Network helps us cultivate an environment in which staff of all faiths and beliefs can have confidence in themselves and feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work.

Neurodiversity Network:

Neurodiversity refers to individuals with ‘spectrum’ conditions including autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Chances are, we sit next to, work with, work for, manage or have family members at home who are neurodiverse. Our Neurodiversity Network brings awareness, support and a chance to normalise conversations around the topic.


ParentNet is a group for everyone with an interest in parenting to ask questions, share stories and support each other. All are welcome to join, whether you’re a parent, parent-to-be, line manager, grandparent, aunt, uncle or Super Nanny!

Every voice matters. And only by hearing them all will we create a culture that fosters true inclusivity and equality.


The UK 300 2021/22

The UK 300 2021/22

The 300 most popular graduate employers in the UK, as voted by students

Shortlisted - The most popular graduate recruiter in construction, civil engineering and surveying award

Shortlisted - The most popular graduate recruiter in construction, civil engineering and surveying award

As voted for by students. Announced at the targetjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2022

Shortlised - The sustainability in early talent recruitment award

Shortlised - The sustainability in early talent recruitment award

As voted by industry leaders. Announced at the targetjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2022

The Times Top 50 Employers for Gender Equality, 2023

The Times Top 50 Employers for Gender Equality, 2023

BITC celebrate employers who have prioritised gender equality in the workplace.

Shortlisted - The most popular graduate recruiter in construction, civil engineering and surveying award 2023

Shortlisted - The most popular graduate recruiter in construction, civil engineering and surveying award 2023

As voted for by students. Announced at the targetjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2023.

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