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Chambers occupies modern premises and offers a friendly and supportive environment in which to complete a pupillage.

Commercial: Financial/business law, international trade, banking, regulatory, insurance, conflicts, media and entertainment, sport, intellectual property and professional negligence, EU and competition.

Employment: all aspects (including discrimination) are covered by the extensive employment law practices of members of Chambers.

Public law: incorporates judicial review, acting both for and against central and local government agencies and other regulatory authorities, human rights, other aspects of administrative law and commercial judicial review.


Pupils attend an induction week. Thereafter pupils see the varied practices of members of Chambers including commercial, employment, European and public law/ human rights through their pupillages.

Blackstone Chambers offers up to four 12-month pupillages. Successful candidates will have demonstrated high intellectual ability and will usually have at least 2.1 honours degrees, although not necessarily in law. Individual awards of £70,000 are available. The pupillage committee has discretion to consider applications for up to £20,000 of the pupillage award to be advanced during the BPTC year.

A new tenant can expect a busy and wide-ranging practice with opportunities to specialise later.

Application details

Pupillage: Blackstone Chambers is a member of the Pupillage Gateway (open 5 January – 9 February 2022). Successful applicants who have completed mini-pupillages with Blackstone Chambers may be called to pupillage interviews to be held in late April 2022, after which pupillage offers will be made on the 6th of May 2022.

Mini-pupillages: No pupillage will be offered at Blackstone Chambers unless the applicant has undertaken an assessed mini-pupillage. Applications should be made online via our website direct to Blackstone Chambers as early as possible after 1 October 2021. The closing date for applications for assessed mini-pupillage is 31 December 2022. The Pupillage Gateway opens for pupillage applications on 05 January 2022 and closes on 09 February 2022.

An application for pupillage through the Pupillage Gateway will be treated as a combined application for an assessed mini-pupillage if the applicant has not already applied for a mini-pupillage with us. We shall be interviewing applicants for mini-pupillage up to and including mid-April 2022 but we strongly advise applicants to apply as soon as possible. It is not necessary to wait until a Pupillage Gateway application has been completed.

We prefer applications for mini-pupillage early in the year before pupillage commences. We presently aim to have mini-pupils on site in Chambers this year, but this is COVID-19 dependent. We successfully conducted our mini-pupillages remotely in the previous application round and we plan to conduct them remotely again if the circumstances change.

Since we require an assessed mini-pupillage as part of the overall pupillage applications procedure, we offer financial assistance either in respect of out-of-pocket travelling or out-of-pocket accommodation expenses incurred in attending the mini-pupillage. This is up to a maximum of £250 per mini-pupil.