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Employees: 51 to 250

We are transforming the way underrepresented technology talent is identified, developed & showcased.

Who we are

We are focused on identifying, upskilling and deploying high potential technologists from underrepresented communities.

We are building the largest community of trained, pre-assessed, diverse talent in the UK.

CodeVerse runs free technology bootcamps on a monthly basis throughout the year. This investment is the CodeVerse commitment to increase the skill levels across underrepresented communities

CodeVerse Community is formed of those who have been assessed, trained and demonstrated high potential for our clients' tech roles.

We hire and train for our client teams from our pre-assessed CodeVerse community. We are empowering our CodeVerse Community members to fulfil their potential whilst increasing diversity in our client's technology teams.

What makes CodeVerse unique

We put wellbeing and support at the heart of what we do.

We do not have any exit fees for our training program.

Candidates who complete the CodeVerse journey can benefit from up to a £16,000 pay increase after their first year working for our clients.

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