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At Com Laude we believe in providing an exceptional, client-shaped, customer experience to brand owners seeking strategic domain name services.

Who we are

The Com Laude Group (the "Group") is an established and trusted partner to many of the world’s most recognisable brands. We believe in providing an exceptional, client-shaped, customer experience to brand owners seeking strategic domain name services.

The Group’s mission statement, “The most trusted provider of domain & registry management services to brand, IT and IP professionals”.

Headquartered in London, and with offices in Edinburgh, Seattle, Tokyo, Eastbourne, Valencia and Caerphilly the business is expanding internationally as it continues to develop and grow.

Services and markets

The business operates at the intersection of intellectual property protection and information technology.

It has a well-established Internet domain portfolio management business, trading as Com Laude. This business is supported by a domain name strategist team who are experts in their field and who passionately develop the strongest relationships with our clients.

Our teams use our bespoke domain management platform to efficiently manage Internet domain portfolios for our clients located all over the world, as well as associated services. There is an advisory element to the services, which clients highly value. It enables clients to tailor their portfolio to their branding goals and business needs as well as suit their budgets and is complimented by our domain monitoring and dispute resolution services.

Online brand infringement can divert legitimate traffic, damage brand perception, and significantly decrease revenue. A large amount of online infringement is through the registration of infringing domain names. At Com Laude, we help our clients identify, assess, and address these infringements strategically in the most cost-effective manner.

The Group also operates a leading new top-level domain consultancy business that provides strategic consulting, application management services and ongoing support to our clients who chose to secure their own Internet top-level-domain. This includes “.brand” registries such as .citi or .kpmg. Future rounds of new top-level-domain applications are expected within the next 2-3 years, and with growing awareness amongst potential applicants the prospects for growth are attractive

Following private equity investment in 2017, the Group is pursuing a growth strategy achieved organically and by entering selected new geographic markets. We are actively trading in the USA and are established in Japan.

Com Laude operates within a hybrid working model where employees have the flexibility to work up to 50% of their time from home, and 50% of their working time from a Com Laude office in the UK.

Corporate Social Responsibility to Environmental, Social & Governance

At Com Laude, we are proud that all our work is delivered within the framework of our Planet-Shaped Promise that, in everything we do, we strive to promote sustainability, inclusion and equality. We care deeply about the issues that shape society and the future of the planet. Our teams are diverse and engaged in our communities.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy (CSR) was launched over a decade ago with a consideration of the 3Ps of CSR – People, Planet & Profit:

Recruitment Process


Culture & Values:

In addition, we enhanced our CSR posture by incorporating Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategies and objectives into our business plans.

The result was a fresh commitment at all levels in Com Laude Group to making a positive impact. We de-centralized our efforts with the formation of a staff-led RISE Committee and an ECO Group. The Board commenced formal monitoring of our performance, so that we can understand impacts and outcomes.

Today CSR and ESG is at the heart of what we do.


The Group has a strong culture born out of the depth of expertise of our employees and the considered approach all employees take to the development of the business. We are honest, ethical, trustworthy and professional in everything we do. And most importantly we always place our clients first, constantly striving to maintain our status as the quality leader in our industry. We value responsibility, inclusiveness, sustainability and equality and we welcome new team members who diversify our culture.

Equality and Diversity

Introducing the Com Laude Group RISE Committee

Our RISE Committee is a staff-led initiative made up of 15 members located across the globe and from various teams within Com Laude. The Co-chairs of the RISE Committee are voted in by team members and make recommendations directly to the Board of Directors. Together, the Committee helps advise Com Laude on ways to be Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Equal within the company and in everyday life.

RISE Committee mission statement:

“The RISE Committee want to create, nurture and sustain an inclusive culture whilst celebrating diversity. We will achieve our goals through education, by listening and respecting each other, and by co-operating on ideas for improvement to create a workplace with equal opportunities and an employer who gives something back to our communities.”

Recent RISE initiatives include:

  • Became a committed member of the Inclusive Employers Association
  • Providing recommendations to the Board of Directors to develop measures to promote and advance a diverse, inclusive, and accessible Com Laude for mutual benefit of its employees, shareholders, clients, and communities we are working in.
  • Initiating pro-bono services for not-for-profit organisations and those companies assisting to improve working conditions. Our first pro-bono client is Sedex a membership organisation that provides online platforms for companies to improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source ethically.
  • Developing a strategy so that we can take a stand on societal issues.
  • Introducing Employee Wellness days and funding anonymous professional counselling for team members.
  • An Employee Supported Volunteering program.
  • Reducing business and inter-company travel with better monitoring while offsetting our carbon footprint

In addition to the above, the RISE Committee continues to support our ECO group, to help promote environmentally friendly practices inside the company and in day-to-day life.

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