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HW Fisher is a UK Top 30 chartered accountancy firm, based in London, offering a wide range of services and specialising within various service lines. We were founded in 1933 by Harold Fisher and have remained an independent practice since the beginning.

Who we are

We currently have 24 partners and around 300 staff, and offer a range of different services, including: audit, accountancy, tax, forensic accounting and corporate finance, as well as working with various sectors including media and entertainment, property, sport, technology, not-for-profit and authors and journalists. We are based in a central London location with a client base mainly comprised of owner-managed businesses.

We have a friendly, social culture where hard work is rewarded and clear progression is available. Many of our trainees have progressed into senior positions within the firm.

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Man and woman stood next to each other

Application process

We pride ourselves on our application process being straightforward and personal. Applicants should complete an online form through our website, detailing academic achievements, employment history, hobbies and interests, and why an accountancy career is for you. You can stop your application and come back to it to allow you to think about your answers. Those who pass the first review are invited to attend an interview.

We run our graduate interviews in person as group sessions, and candidates undertake various assessments in line with our core values. A panel is always on hand, mainly made up of people who have been through the process previously and have now worked their way up to manager and beyond. A final stage interview happens for successful candidates, which is a one-to-one meeting with a partner, which can take place virtually or in-person. An offer will hopefully follow!

We look for people who can work hard and demonstrate a strong work ethic. Our ideal candidates can collaborate and communicate well, and we encourage new ideas and initiatives to be shown. Never be afraid to ask questions!

Culture & Values

HW Fisher has 4 key values:

  • Pride & Commitment
  • Listening
  • Collaboration
  • Initiative

Our recruitment processes are designed to allow candidates to demonstrate these 4 values and are a fixture in our everyday culture, including our appraisal and review processes.

Any trainee joining HW Fisher will be treated as an individual, and we will recognise your talents and interests so that you are motivated to perform well.



Our trainees roles offer a competitive benefits package, including full study support and funded exams and courses, as well social events and a flexible working policy. Trainees joining us should expect:

  • A competitive starting salary, with reviews every 6 months
  • The option to buy additional annual leave
  • Health benefits including discounted gym membership, a health cash plan, and access to free mental and physical health and wellbeing platforms
  • Company pension scheme
  • A bonus scheme for those performing above and beyond

Equity, diversity & inclusion

HW Fisher believes in championing a truly diverse workforce, supporting our community and participating in local outreach, and leaving a positive legacy on the environment.

As an employer and a service provider, HW Fisher is committed to promoting equality and diversity. We actively recruit, develop and promote a diverse group of employees, based on individual merit. We have created an inclusive environment where each person is valued. This part of our culture is a critical factor in our ability to provide a first-class service to our clients. We believe everyone should be treated fairly and with respect.

We are committed to an equality and diversity policy. In practice, this means that all job applicants are treated equally and fairly regardless of sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, being pregnant/being on maternity leave, religion or belief and that our sole consideration is the applicant’s ability to perform the job. Similarly, all staff are provided with equal opportunities for training and promotion, which are based on the individual’s own merits. Our policy covers all employees, officers, consultants, volunteers, interns, casual workers and agency workers of HW Fisher

In addition to meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, we also endorse the Code of Practice for employers. The Code is not restricted to what is required by law, but contains recommendations intended to ensure that no individuals are placed at a disadvantage because of sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, being pregnant/being on maternity leave, religion or belief.

We pride ourselves on being a diverse organisation. We believe the workplace should be one that is free of discrimination and prejudice. We believe everyone is, and should be, treated fairly and with respect. We believe that this diversity makes a positive contribution to the success and vigour of HW Fisher

Gender Pay

We are pleased to see that in the last review period, we have reduced our mean gender pay gap by more than half. All other percentages have also improved and we are very happy with the progress we are making to increase gender diversity, especially at the more senior levels.

Although the quartiles have seen a positive shift during this period, we remain committed to equalising the representation at each level and this is something which will be kept under constant review.

Interestingly, in this review period proportionally more women received a bonus than men which is a first for HW Fisher LLP.

We have continued to implement our hybrid working policy to aid flexibility to all staff and continue to review our other policies and practices to ensure they are fair. Our continued hope is that our practices and policies will encourage people to reach their potential and strive for career progression to more senior levels.

The gender pay gap reporting process will help maintain our focus on the issues in hand.

Statutory Disclosures

HW Fisher LLP owns one legal entity with at least 250 employees, HW Fisher Service Limited. Under the Gender Pay Regulations we are required to report our gender pay gap for this entity.

The figures shown in this report have been calculated using the standard methodologies used in the Regulations.

The information shows the statutory disclosure for HW Fisher Service Limited at 30 April 2022. It is based on the hourly rates of pay as of that date and bonuses paid in the year to 30 April 2022.

Understanding the Gap

Our analysis of our gender pay gap shows that it arises not from paying men more than women, but rather from the gender balance i.e. fewer women hold senior positions than men.

In this review period the gender split has swapped and there are now 51.69% men versus 48.31% women, which is still quite close to an even split. However, in the same period the percentage of women in the most senior positions increased by 5% to 48.44% which highlights the work that is being carried out to progress women’s careers and is something we look forward to building on.

We are confident that our gender pay gap does not stem from paying men and women differently for the same or equivalent work but reflects the roles in which men and women work and the salaries that these roles attract.

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