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Jigsaw Trust is a charity inspired by autism in its desire to provide the best services & support for people with autism & their families.

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Jigsaw Trust is committed to raising awareness of autism and to providing facilities, services and resources for the education, integration, guidance, assessment, outreach and support of people affected by autism.

The Trust is made up of

Jigsaw CABAS School - Rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, educating 80 pupils aged 4-19 years.

JigsawPlus - A specialist day provision that supports 50 adults from the age of 18+.

Café on the Park - A social enterprise offering adults and young people a variety of work experience and volunteering opportunities tailored to their individual abilities and tolerances.

Jigsaw GARDENworks - A horticultural enterprise enabling learners of all ages to embark on a range of outdoor activities.

Jigsaw Trust is also committed to raising awareness of autism throughout the wider community to enable understanding, acceptance and a broader scope of opportunities for all those diagnosed with autism. This is promoted through a range of training and consultancy services, workshops and the undertaking and sharing of research into teaching and learning using the science of behaviour.

Your recruitment processes

To apply for one of our Learning Support Worker or Trainee SEN Teacher roles candidates are asked to please submit a completed application form to careers@jigsawtrust.co.uk. We aim to review all applications within a week and if shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a short telephone interview within 48 hours. If successful at this stage then attendance to an in person assessment day will be arrange for the final interview stage. The assessment day includes a welcome session, a tour of our facilities, an in class assessment, an interview with members of the senior leadership team and HR, and a session to giving an overview of the training opportunities. If Successful at the final interview stage candidates will then be informed within 2 working days.

Please be aware that for Internship roles these times scales may not apply as we look to group internship interview to be carried out in the Nov/December of the year prior to internship commencing.

If you have any questions please do contact our HR team on 01483 277366 or email us at careers@jigsawtrust.co.uk

Please also visit our website jigsawtrust.co.uk/current-vacancies where you will be able to view our ‘Day in the Life’ pages and learn more about the Trust and locate the full Job Descriptions.

Culture and values

Jigsaw Trust believes that every single individual with autism can and should live a life that allows them the opportunity to reach their full potential and lead full and productive lives. One of the greatest benefits that the Trust can offer is this provision of an education that maximises each learner’s potential.

Jigsaw runs a number of social enterprises, designed to invest learners with transferable knowledge and skills to support external volunteering, work experience and vocational opportunities.

The sharing of good practice and expertise is undertaken by running family support through outreach services and parent education sessions. Training for professionals involved in the education and support of children and adults with autism are run by our own staff who are experts in the field of autism education, lifelong learning and the application of behaviour analysis within a learning environment.

The Trust also offers research opportunities for those with an interest in the education and lifelong learning of children and adults with autism and other related communication difficulties and many staff undertake research that is then presented both nationally and internationally at conferences and published in peer reviewed journals

Our Values

Everyone at Jigsaw is committed to our core values of care, teamwork, integrity, continuous learning and personalisation to ensure the best possible outcomes for our learners and to help raise awareness and understanding of autism throughout the wider community.

Person centred – we value each learner as an individual, respect their aspirations and commitments in life, and seek to understand their priorities, needs, abilities and limits

Caring – we strive to act with compassion, integrity, honesty and high ethics in all situations, to listen with respect to others and to value differences and create positive, welcoming and encouraging environments for all our learners

Teamwork – we listen to and respect each other whilst working together to achieve best possible outcomes for learners

Integrity – we act professionally, reliably and responsibly at all times to provide the highest quality service to our learners

Continuous Learning – we value the process of continual learning, feedback, coaching and mentoring to build expertise and excellence of service for our community of learners

Equality and Diversity

Jigsaw Trust is committed to promoting a positive and diverse culture and achieving equality of opportunity for all pupils, adult learners, parents, staff, governors and visitors, ensuring everyone is respected, valued and supported to fulfil their potential. We believe that all people are of equal value and are entitled to equality of opportunity.

We are committed to creating a working environment free of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, and where individual differences and the contributions of all staff are recognised and valued and everyone is supported to fulfil their potential.

All decisions relating to appointment, promotion or access to training will be made based on merit, job needs or other relevant job-related criteria.

We will take any complaint seriously and will seek to resolve any grievance that is deemed to be well-founded. No-one will be penalised for raising a grievance providing the concerns are put forward in good faith. We are committed to a workplace culture in which individuals are respected, in which diversity is valued and in which employees are encouraged to report any behaviour which causes them concern.

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