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At JM, we are catalysing the net zero transition delivering solutions to our customers enabled by our world-class technology.

Who we are

Our vision for a cleaner, healthier world drives our strategy and mirrors society’s need to create a more sustainable future. JM will catalyse the net zero transition by delivering sustainable solutions to our customers enabled by our world-class technology and market-leading positions.

We will serve our global customer base through our four businesses: the current core business of Clean Air, together with our growth businesses, Catalyst Technologies and Hydrogen Technologies, all built on our foundational PGM Services business, which supplies and enables the other businesses.

These businesses are tightly linked by three reinforcing synergies: common customers and partners, shared technology capabilities and a shared PGM ecosystem that enables dependable supply and circularity.

Our Recruitment Process

Recruitment begins early September, all applications are hand sifted.

Candidates will be invited to SJT, then video interviews, all of which are watched by trained JM staff, who also calibrate scores to make this a fair process.

Recruitment closes end of October, successful candidates will be invited to assessment centres held at our Royston site in January 2023.

Every candidate attending assessment centres will be given one to one feedback, whether they are successful or not.

Johnson Matthey demonstrates key step towards a circular hydrogen economy

Culture and Values

Our values are core to our organisation

Protecting people and the planet
We practise the highest standards of health and safety, promote wellbeing for people both inside and outside of work, and seek to safeguard our planet.

Acting with integrity

We do the right thing, for people and for the world. We do what we say we'll do, expect the same of each other and speak up when there's a problem. We place importance on relationships internally and externally, treating others with respect and care.

Working together

We encourage collaboration inside JM and out, sharing and embracing diverse viewpoints. We tackle problems together, put our ideas into practice and take pride in combining our contributions to create something better for JM and our customers.

Innovating and improving

We adapt and embrace new ideas to make us stronger and our world cleaner and healthier. We are confident and resilient through change, growing and developing ourselves and JM, to ensure we are a leader in our chosen markets.

Owning what we do

We take accountability for our own work, and know we are also part of something bigger. We take the initiative, seek clarity and demand high standards from ourselves and our colleagues.

Equality and Diversity

Our science and our people have shaped Johnson Matthey into the truly innovative, progressive and responsible business that it is today. For over 200 years we’ve continued to grow far and wide, across continents and cultures, and now boast around 13,000 employees worldwide. It’s essential that our people, today and in the future, feel safe, valued and supported in the workplace.

People will always be at their best when they feel like they can be themselves at work. And research shows that companies who embrace diversity and create a sense of inclusion, consistently outperform those that don’t.

Equally important, is making sure our people have a voice. We've made great progress in the last few years but we must continue to listen to our people to ensure we keep evolving. One way we've been doing this is through our Employee Resource Groups, which have helped form a bridge between countries, cultures and seniority levels, to ensure all voices are heard.

JM works with a number of partners and have signed several initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We continuously look beyond our business, to measure ourselves against the high standards set by experts and industry benchmarks so that we can continuously develop and improve.

Disability Confident scheme

A government scheme designed to encourage employers to recruit and retain disabled people and those with health conditions.

Valuable 500

An initiative collaborating and connecting with 500 of the world’s most influential global businesses for disability inclusion.

Workplace Pride

A not-for-profit foundation dedicated to improving the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) people world-wide.

If not now, when

One of the largest CEO driven commitments to taking key long term sustainable actions on Black Inclusion.

Change the race ratio

A campaign for change, to accelerate racial diversity in business.


Working with engineering undergraduates and recent graduates from socio-economically disadvantaged or Black, Asian or other ethnic minority backgrounds. To date, the programme has engaged 1020 students from 66 universities. It aims to increase the transition of engineering graduates, including women, from diverse backgrounds into engineering employment.

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Embedding sustainability into everything we do

We are a global leader in sustainable technologies. Through inspiring science and continued innovation, we are catalysing the net zero transition for millions of people every day.

Our skills and technologies are important today as businesses and communities adapt to the challenges of climate change. But advancing sustainability isn’t just about our portfolio of technologies, it’s also about our own operations, how we work together and hold ourselves accountable for our impacts on society.

A new focus on our core material topics

This year, the whole of Johnson Matthey has been making changes to become a more customer-facing, commercially-minded and agile business with the strategy simplify, focus, execute.

To support this, in partnership with an independent third party, we refreshed our materiality assessment to ensure that our sustainability strategy, goals and targets are focussed both on our biggest impacts on society and those areas of most importance
to our stakeholders.

We benchmarked our existing strategy against industry ESG standards, legislation requirements and sector peers.

As a result, we reorganised our existing sustainability goals and targets for 2030 under new themes to better articulate the most material benefits that we believe we can bring to society. We increased the ambition in our climate-related 2030 targets to focus and align them better with our company purpose.



The UK 300 2021/22

The UK 300 2021/22

The 300 most popular graduate employers in the UK, as voted by students

Shortlisted - The best on-boarding experience award

Shortlisted - The best on-boarding experience award

As voted for by students. Announced at the targetjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2022

Shortlised - The sustainability in early talent recruitment award

Shortlised - The sustainability in early talent recruitment award

As voted by industry leaders. Announced at the targetjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2022

Shortlisted - The graduate employer of the year award

Shortlisted - The graduate employer of the year award

As voted by industry leaders. Announced at the targetjobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2022

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Johnson Matthey Plc

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