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Global Financial Advisory firm providing advice to clients all over the world.

Financial Advisory and Asset Management firm.

We compete on the strength of our ideas – and great ideas start with great people. We invest in the best people in each of the countries in which we operate, putting a premium on intellectual curiosity, thoughtfulness, and wisdom.

We want only the best to join us. Naturally. But there’s more to being the best than simply having an impressive academic record. Our analysts are critical members of lean deal teams. As of day one, they work with iconic senior bankers and clients on the most important, complex and transformational financial transactions. We are in the business of providing advice and therefore, our people are our greatest asset. As a result, those who join Lazard have a gift for seeing opportunities from a multitude of perspectives, and the creative ability to think originally – to see solutions where others see problems. So if you could be interested in helping to shape the future of our organisation, we would like to hear from you. Join us, and we will bring out the best in you.

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