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LCP is a firm of financial, actuarial and business consultants, specialising in the areas of Pensions Actuarial, Investment Consulting, DC & Financial Wellbeing, Insurance, Analytics (including, energy, health and financial modelling) and Pensions Management Consulting departments.

Who we are

Ready for a career full of possibility?

We all want to feel connected to the bigger issues that impact our lives and the lives of those around us. At LCP you’ll find fulfilling career options working alongside a diverse group of people with a common desire to always expand our horizons and to help make tomorrow better.

How do we get to a net zero future? How do we help people save for the future and lead happier and healthier lives? These are just some of the questions that we are tackling and helping to answer every day at LCP. They are big questions, and you could play a critical role in helping us tackle them. Whether you are a whizz with a spreadsheet, have a creative flair, or know how to code, we are looking for talented people with a range of skills and outlooks on life.

What do we do?

We are a tech enabled analytical consultancy based in London, Winchester, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Paris. We are known for our market leading advice in pensions, investments and insurance, and we strive to help create a financially better future for our society. Our love of data, technology and posing solutions to the difficult questions of today, has taken us into newer areas. We now have a reputation for excellence in energy, health and data analytics.

Build a career with impact

Making a decision about what career path to take is an overwhelming one. Because we work across many different sectors, there are lots of opportunities to try new things and hone your skills. We offer a range of internships and a fantastic graduate programme that will help you learn the technical skills you need as well as connecting you to incredible people.

Many people who joined as a graduate, including our CEO, have gone on to become Partners at the firm. We want to give you the tools and knowledge so you can have a fulfilling career.

Forge your future

We want to nurture your individual strengths and skills and fuel your curiosity. That’s why we design our training packages around your needs. We pride ourselves on offering you a supportive and encouraging learning environment to help you succeed in your career and power up a future full of possibility.

Our graduates find connecting with like-minded people whose values align with their own is the most motivating start to their career. We can support you with the tools and training and you will need to work hard, dedicate time to learning and put the effort in. As a result, you will be rewarded with expert knowledge, interesting work and strong networks.

Training and Development

Your training and development - learning the ropes

The first couple of weeks is all about getting your bearings, so not only do you know where the tea and coffee lives, but also what we do as a business, how we work and our culture. An important part of this is meeting people and that’s why the majority of this training will take place in our offices face to face, allowing you to start building relationships and become part of our LCP community.


Our commitment to sustainable business

We are proud of our commitments to run our business in a responsible, sustainable way. Success for us is about much more than growth and income, it’s about building our business with the best interests of our people, clients, communities, suppliers and the environment always front of mind.

We are operationally net zero relating to scope 1 and 2 emissions and have a network of Green Champions who raise awareness of climate change and educate colleagues on how to reduce their environmental impact. Our Foundation has donated £200,000 this year supporting charities local to our offices and national charities.

We have also spearheaded many personal finance campaigns to get justice for people. We helped thousands of women claim back their underpaid state pension after we uncovered that many married women have not been receiving the right pension for years. As a result, the government has made a commitment to pay back nearly £3bn to women.

Latest opportunities

Latest opportunities

  • Summer Internship 2024 - Energy Analytics

  • Summer Internship 2024 - Pensions Actuarial Consulting

  • Summer Internship 2024 - Pensions Actuarial Consulting