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Employees: 51 to 250
Founded: 1912

Established in 1912, we are amongst the world's oldest English language schools.

Who we are

Many thousands of satisfied clients have trained with us over the years. They are very demanding people who have high expectations and want results. We aim to exceed those expectations. We are proud of our full house of strengths with the British Council which reflects our focus on quality and client satisfaction.

In 2024, the London School of English will inaugurate its first residential summer programme for international students aged 15-17. This is an exciting new development in the school's history. The ethos behind the Summer Programme’s design has been to apply our experience and expertise with professional training to young people who are preparing for adulthood. We advertise the following benefits of attending the programme:

  • Course participants (CPs) will gain critical and authentic insight into a specific career stream: Business, Global Leadership or Digital Media.
  • CPs will experience university life in the centre of London, staying in a UoL residence and studying in the iconic Senate House building.
  • CPs will improve their English language proficiency and communication skills.
  • CPs will experience life away from home, making new friends, seeing a new city and making new memories.

Culture and values

The London School Trust is an officially recognised Charitable Trust established in the name of the school. It supports educational and cultural activities in the UK and around the world.

Objectives of The London School Trust, Registered Charity Number 1156467

  1. To advance the education of the public by the teaching of the English language to international students.
  2. For the public benefit, to support and promote education in such ways as the charity trustees think fit, including
    1. Awarding scholarships, maintenance, allowances or grants tenable at any university, college or other institution of education or training (including The London School of English), work experience, internships or any other way of learning or developing experience.
    2. Providing education or training in any field, supporting travel in furtherance of that education or helping to prepare for entry to any occupation, trade or profession.
    3. Supporting the work of individuals or institutions engaged in offering education or training.
  3. To advance the arts, for the public benefit, by supporting artistic and cultural activities and events, including supporting individuals engaged in such activities, both in the UK and overseas.


We are advertising entry level positions which would suit people with little formal work experience and who are new to the work of work. We pay above the London living wage, and provide free accommodation and meals throughout the term of employment

Recruitment process

In this round of recruitment, we will advertise and shortlist candidates throughout November '23, to schedule interviews and offers in December '23.

Equality and diversity

We are committed to creating a harmonious environment in which our employees, partners and clients are treated with equality and respect. We recognise that discrimination and bullying are unacceptable and we ensure that nobody is treated less favourably due to their age, race, religion or belief, disability, gender/gender reassignment, sexual orientation or maternity.

Our employees are prohibited from discriminating directly or indirectly against each other or our partners and clients and this is clearly stated in our staff handbook and induction process. All our trainers are required to commit to our Training Standards which include showing respect to other cultures and non-acceptance of bullying or discriminatory behaviour in the classroom.

Any member of staff who witnesses any discriminatory behaviour is required to report this to their line manager. Discrimination will be treated as a disciplinary offence and will be dealt with through our disciplinary procedure.


The London School of English has a clear commitment to being as environmentally sensitive as possible. The organisation constantly strives to make improvements and welcomes input from all stakeholders as a part of its policy of continuous improvement.

In particular the company:

Will ensure that to the best of its knowledge it meets all environmental legislation and regulations and, where possible, strives to exceed them.

Seeks the advice of experts to work towards an ongoing lowering of its carbon footprint

Routinely implements initiatives such as the installation of low energy lighting, the replacement of inefficient heating systems where feasible and the introduction of water-saving devices throughout its buildings

Has a policy of reducing power usage through the purchase of energy efficient technology where possible and a regular review of its ‘Green ICT’ plan to reduce emissions

Uses locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible for its restaurant services

Makes every effort to encourage recycling and the reduction of pollution and waste, rejects the usage of disposable products where suitable alternatives exist and minimises activities that create unnecessary waste, such as Christmas card mailings.

Undertakes to inform and encourage all stakeholders, including staff, accommodation providers and other suppliers to strive to take steps to improve their carbon footprint and adopt best practice

Encourages clients to use public transport or zero-carbon alternatives in preference to taxis when transporting to and from the school premises and when hosting non-school based activities

The London School of English has a designated Environmental Officer, Tamas Molnar, who regularly reviews our performance in this area and actively seeks to make continual improvements. He regularly reports to the Chief Executive on new initiatives and actively promotes the importance of environmental sensitivity to all stakeholders.

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