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We are building services engineers who bring buildings to life with beautiful engineering. We recruit highly talented people from a range of technical and professional backgrounds and build our business around them. For over 50 years we’ve been pioneers in sustainable, low energy and low carbon building design. At the heart of our partnership is a desire to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergency our world is facing.

OUR VISION is for a beautifully engineered net zero carbon world. We believe buildings should be low-energy, respond to the environment in which they exist, and work for the people who use them. That’s our starting point and it drives our engineering approach, making sure that we embed principles of sustainability in everything we do.

OUR PEOPLE can look forward to becoming involved in some of the most prestigious building projects in the UK and abroad, as well as humanitarian projects, teaching, and participation in the wider engineering community.

OUR AWARD-WINNING firm’s founding philosophy and construct is fundamentally democratic and inclusive. It’s one where people enjoy the flexibilities of shared responsibility and ownership. At the heart of our business are people who are drawn to this ideal, which advocates their voice in all decision making, creating a workplace they can be proud to be a part of.

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