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Employees: 51 to 250

Here at MyTutor, we're on a mission to provide life-changing tuition to all.

Who we are

Become a tutor with us and take home up to £20/hour teaching school kids who need your support, all within reaching distance of the kettle.

At MyTutor all our lessons happen online - all you need is a laptop, webcam, and to sit back and wait for regular, rewarding, CV-boosting work to start rolling in! No matter where your academic strengths lie, we’d love to hear from you.

During times of uncertainty, tutoring offers flexible work that you can do where you want, when you want, in a sector that’s more important than ever.

And thanks to the new government-backed national tutoring programme, we’re expecting plenty of demand. It also means you’ll get to tutor kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford tuition.

Handpicked tutors from £22/hour

We're very (very) picky about who we let tutor on our platform - just 1 in 8 who apply make the cut. They're experts in over 30 subjects from KS2 up to GCSE and A Level.

Because they're from UK unis, they studied (and aced) the same courses as your teen in the last few years. So they explain tricky concepts in a way teens understand - and they double as cool older role models.

Trusted by parents & teachers

MyTutor is the UK's most trusted tutoring platform by parents. We're rated 4.6/5 on Trustpilot from the million (and counting!) lessons we’ve delivered so far.

And because our tutors get such good results, schools use them to support their teaching. We work with 650+ across the UK, targeting learning gaps and helping teens everywhere achieve their goals.

Help from our team, every step of the way

Our expert tutor-matching team can pair your child with the perfect tutor for their needs - from subject and level, right down to exam board and personality match.

They’re always on hand to listen, answer questions and give you the tailored support you need.

Our interactive learning space makes lessons engaging

Lessons are much more than a video call. They all happen in our tailor-made, interactive lesson space. So tutors can bring tricky concepts to life with interactive exercises, draw diagrams as they go, plus annotate homework and practice questions together.

It can even make dreaded subjects - dare we say it - fun!

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What our tutors say

Alana - The fact everything's online is perfect for me, as I travel between home and uni a lot so could never commit to a regular job - not to mention the skills I’ve developed that I can put on my CV. More than anything though, it’s so rewarding - it makes me so proud to know I am making an actual difference. I could not recommend MyTutor more.”

Katie - MyTutor has given me an opportunity to tutor a number of different subjects, both privately and through the Schools programme. For me, it is a great part time job as it's flexible and ideal alongside studying at uni. It's also been a chance to gain some experience in something new, and I've really enjoyed teaching, but also supporting and getting to know a number of students.

Preshayla - I’ve worked for MyTutor for 3 and a half years and the platform has gone from strength to strength. What impresses me the most is the quality of the online classroom. It facilitates online tutoring so well with the ability to watch YouTube live together, draw, write, use graph paper and chat all in one place!

Our mission

MyTutor is on a mission to offer life changing tuition to all.

Getting a tutor was once just for the few. A good tutor was hard to find, and out of the budget for most. We thought this needed to change.

We’re building a future where access to high quality learning is stress-free for those who can afford it, and funded directly through schools for those who can't. Online tuition, delivering high quality learning in a safe, convenient, and affordable way.

You could say all this makes us a ‘tech’ company. And we are very proud of the tech that means we can match hundreds of thousands of students and parents with the perfect tutor for them out of the thousands on our platform. But at heart, we’re really more of a people company. We match people with other people who can help them.

Our tutors

Our handpicked tutors have the subject expertise to explain tricky concepts. But the biggest thing MyTutor tutors have is the relationship and rapport they build with students. All our tutors are current or recent undergraduates at British universities, and come from all walks of life. So they don’t just know pythagorean triangles; they know the exams they’ll come up in. And perhaps most importantly, they know how it feels to take them. They’re more than tutors; they’re mentors.

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Our Culture

What’s it like to work here? Well, people are at the heart of everything we do. There are so many different career paths at MyTutor, from Software Engineer to Customer Operations. From Marketing to the Data team. But we don’t just get our heads down and do our own jobs. We all go out of our way to support each other, and solve problems together. Expectations around high performance are clear and we help each other to do our best work. We don’t think a great company culture is just free yoga sessions and summer socials (although we do that stuff too). We think it’s about creating a supportive environment where everyone can perform at their best, and be their authentic self, every day. Whoever you are.

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Be an energy giver

By bringing enthusiasm, and a ‘can do’ mindset to our work and helping others, we energise and inspire others: both the team we're working with and our customers, partners and external collaborators.

Act like an owner

There’s plenty to do in a growing company. We value people who can take initiative and drive projects through to completion.

Understand the why

Use an understanding of why to influence priorities. Saying no or asking why can be as important as saying yes. It can help you work out how what you're doing fits into the company goals, and why it benefits the end customer.

Be candid

Diverse perspectives leads to better decisions. We share thoughts openly and honestly and are prepared to challenge constructively to.

Be proactive

Seek out opportunities to help others, grow your knowledge and skills and anticipate future challenges, changes and needs to grow as the business does. The environment is fast changing quickly so make sure you proactively prepare to up-skill yourself, change ways of working and adapt to succeed

Our Benefits

A little taster of the benefits we have on offer.

Here's a few things we hope you'd love.

From healthcare to networks
  • Private Healthcare options (available after 3 months’ service)
  • 25 days holiday (plus public holidays)
  • Inclusive Policies that safeguard and enable LGBTQ+ staff to flourish
  • A wide range of communities: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Pride Network, Women’s Network, Heritage Network and Neurodiversity Network
Co-working spaces to learning budgets
  • Access to our London HQ, global co-working spaces and home office setup
  • Investment in your learning with a personal L&D budget of up to £350 (pro-rated for part-time employees)
  • A culture that champions well-being with workshops and 1:1 coaching.
Summer abroad or at home, anyone?
  • Throughout July and August, you can take up to 8 weeks unpaid leave - you might want to take one day, as annual leave feels a bit tight, or you might want to take the full 8 weeks and have a trip of a lifetime.
  • Up to 80 days work from abroad allowance! You can use this as one continuous stay-over or split across a few trips.
Flexible working to flexible bank holidays
  • MyT Flex – This is a way of working your contracted hours in a more flexible way by focusing on core hours: this allows you to prioritise things like school drop-offs, caring responsibilities and commitments that matter to you.
  • Flexible bank holidays - If you don’t celebrate the standard UK Bank Holidays, use them for other religious/spiritual holidays that mean something to you (This doesn’t mean using them to relax on a beach – sorry!)
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Why online tutoring?

Online tutoring is the perfect job for students and recent graduates. You’ll make money, gain CV-boosting skills, and get that warm fuzzy feeling of helping others.

  • Remote: All you need is a laptop and wifi. Plus no money spent on travel - sweet.
  • Rewarding: You’ll be helping shape the education of school kids who need it most.
  • Well paid: Take home from £11 £45/hour, with no experience needed.
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How does MyTutor work?

Here’s a peek at our online lesson space; it’s where you’ll be giving life-changing tuition to school kids who need it most. And it’s all within reaching distance of the kettle!

Share your skills with kids who really need it

You'll be making a real difference by tutoring school kids who might not otherwise be able to afford a tutor like you.

Earn while you study

With the chance to take home from £11-£45 an hour, MyTutor pays more than your average uni job - and it doesn't involve mopping up beer….

It’s perfect for your CV

You don’t need any qualifications to join! Become a tutor and you'll develop your communication, planning, and organisation skills - all things your future employer will love.

It’s flexible, fulfilling and fits into your schedule

Juggling university, part-time work, hobbies and a social life can be tricky. Luckily at MyTutor we make it easy to find online tutoring jobs, so you can work as much or as little as you like.


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