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Pace Integration is a scale-up technology consultancy, connecting enterprises within one of the fastest growing software markets (APIs & iPaaS).

Who We Are

We pride ourselves on being differentiated from the typical System Integrators. Integration critical to digital transformation in many use-cases which used to be undervalued, in many ways misunderstood. There is a change now with Integration and APIs driving the revolution!

We have had accelerated growth in the last three years. Our portfolio of clients has covered a wide spectrum of verticals, including pharmaceutical, retail, transportation and logistics, and telecommunications, to name a few.

Pace is formed of a diverse team of enthusiastic, proactive individuals with a passion for customer success. You will join a team of like-minded young professionals within a friendly and satisfying environment who will help in making your early career journey very pleasant. The culture at Pace allows for growth as individuals and as a collective, supporting your needs and encouraging your personal development.

All employees joining through our Fast-Track Graduate Scheme will get assigned a mentor, accompanying them through their journey with Pace for the first 3-6 months. This will provide the new hire with a primary point of contact for items that are generic in nature or operational to their working, while discussing any issues being faced along with any non-project related obstacles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional integration expertise and work with clients in a lean and collaborative manner, being both vendor and platform agnostic.

the pace team
the pace team

Application Process

As a company, we place a high importance on creating a working culture that is supportive, whilst having a focus on embracing our employees and their potential growth. Our values are embedded into everything we do, this includes our recruitment process. The process is, therefore, curated to reflect the need to maintain our strong culture and high-quality working environment. Breaking the mould of traditional recruitment process, we have designed a very unique "employee led" process that is transparent and also ensures candidates meet a cross section of the company in both virtual/in person settings.

The recruitment process is divided into various stages allowing us to understand how suitable you are for the role and the company. However, we believe in putting our best foot forward. That is why each of these stages will allow you to have the chance to meet various current employees with Pace Integration, get to know us better and make a decision on whether we are the right company for you.

Screening: At this stage we are doing a quick screening through the phone, to better understand your suitability beyond what's on paper. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask us more questions about the role!

Competency & Technical: The competency interview is where we look at your core skills in more detail and match you as an individual to the skills required. If you are seen as an initial good fit for the company, we then follow up with a technical interview. All candidates who move through these interviews are able to get a flavour of our culture and who we are as a company, through the various interactions they have with different colleagues.

Assessment day: The recruitment process is concluded with an in-person assessment day. This again allows you to experience what our office culture is like, meet more of our colleagues and spend the day understanding your role. From our perspective, we would like to have final conversations around your suitability, along with the chance for you to talk to our CEO on a one-to-one basis.

We hope to help you grow through the process and increase your understanding of the importance of integration.

Culture & Values

Here at Pace, we embrace our company’s values and it’s no coincidence that one of them is ‘Celebrate success!’. Our Social committee team which is formed from Pace employees coming from all teams and departments of the organisation, oversees the social events that make to a great extend our Pace culture. You will attend unique quarterly events with different fun activities, typically followed by dinner and drinks at high end London venues and beyond. Our employees have full influence on how we develop our social culture.

Of course, that’s just one of our five Pace values we embrace and have very close to our heart. These values are:

Transparency : Be open and share information and knowledge, with self-reflection

Inclusion & respect : Think of other in the everyday and be kind

Push the baseline: Strive for micro-wins throughout each step of the journey

Be accountable: Take pride in ownership of your wins and learnings from the challenges

Celebrate success: Recovering key achievements throughout the journey

Equality & Diversity

Inclusion & respect' is one of our company's values, and we can't emphasise enough how important this team's diversity is to us. In an industry where the percentage of women in large tech companies sits at 25%, based on 2022 stats, we believe that gender balance and diversity mean more innovative ideas, a better working environment and a more inclusive business. We are very proud that at Pace women currently make up 42% of our Team, since we recognise the problem within Technology companies and our leaders have made this a priority from day one to invest and grow a talented and diverse workforce. We also have an unbelievable cultural diversity, that keeps our team very alive, and vibrant.

The biggest fear within the workplace is not knowing where you fit in or an inability to express yourself. We must always ensure that we consider the views and feelings of others in the everyday and drive an open and inclusive culture. Each person should always feel welcomed and respected, without fear of competition.

The pace team
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The pace team


What benefits do we offer?

  • A Unique and focused career path
  • An opportunity to be part of a dynamic and growing team, getting great exposure during your early career steps
  • Certified training and exams package in multiple technologies, with 100% of our grads get certified on at least one technology, and 30% gain access to follow up training in year 1
  • Work with an exciting client list across various industries within first year you will work on 2-3 projects
  • Flexible hybrid working model to all Pace employees, as well as phenomenal London office in the City of London
  • Employee-shaped social events multiple times a year
  • High-end company hardware
  • Numerous offers on gym memberships
  • Life insurance, company pension, as well as private healthcare and wellbeing initiatives
  • You get to enjoy a generous holiday allowance
Latest opportunities

Latest opportunities

  • Sales Analyst

  • Project Delivery Analyst