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Employees: 51 to 250

PortSwigger is a web security company on a mission to enable the world to secure the web.

Who we are

We're always busy working on our software products, our original Cyber security research, our educational output (through our free Web Security Academy), and the latest cybersecurity news (through the Daily Swig).

For every opportunity, we look for strong expertise or aptitude in the role. We will seek firm evidence either that you can already perform the role to an exceptional level, or that you have strong potential to learn and grow into it. We seek aptitude for growth. Our people are adaptable, able to continuously learn new skills & master new techniques. We look for leadership potential & encourage everyone to play a leadership role in areas where they are able to.

We look for strong communication & emotional intelligence. Our work is extremely collaborative. Our people are clear and effective communicators, in both speech and writing. They can adapt their style to other personality types. They are aware of their own emotions & able to control them, always engaging constructively & with respect.

We hire people who have energy and can-do. Our people work hard, take pride in their work, take on difficult challenges, and see them through to completion. We look for people with infectious energy, who lift everyone in the room & drive them on to bigger things.

Along side, on the job learning to hone role related development, all of our graduates participate in a 12 month personal development course; this includes modules on Emotional Intelligence, giving / receiving effective feedback, and presentation skills, to name a few.

We take a different view of rewarding people than nearly any other business, by offering market leading salaries, plus a generous pension & comprehensive benefits package. We firmly believe in paying people what they are worth to us. You can expect generous increases in your salary as your skills and experience develop. We also offer share options to all our people after one year of employment. We think this is the right way to treat people. In the long run, it's good for the business too.

The benefits and perks we offer are driven by our passion to nurture our culture as we grow. Each serves the purpose of helping us to recognize how much we value our people, providing the best experience of work in the North West.


All Swiggers have available to them:

  • Private medical insurance, provided through Bupa
  • Same day virtual GP appointments, available seven days a week
  • 24/7 helpline for physical & mental health support, counselling, & other wellbeing resources
  • 8% employer pension contribution
  • Life assurance: 4x salary
  • Income protection
  • Relocation support packages
  • Charitable donations made by Swiggers through our scheme will be matched
  • 25 days holiday plus public holidays
  • The ability to buy & sell holiday days, spreading the cost through the year
  • Flexible working hours. Choose to start your day anytime between 8am - 9.30am
  • Free hot and cold lunch options
  • On-site gym with trainer-led group classes i.e: yoga, karate
  • Towel service, shower facilities, and drying area available for your comfort & convenience
  • Complimentary freshly baked afternoon treats and barista style coffee
  • Daily shuttle service to the train station
  • Regular company-funded socials and events
  • Tailored personal development opportunities

Our recruitment process

So you're interested in applying for a position at PortSwigger! What should you expect from the application process?

1 - We will need your CV. We also ask you to provide your full educational record including degree and A-levels (or equivalent), both subjects and grades. We do recognize that academics aren't everything, but they help us to get a well-rounded view of individuals. Once we've received your application, you may be asked to complete an online assessment or provide some additional information as part of the application process. We will review your application and get back to you within a few days.

2 - First conversation: The purpose is to determine whether you have the skills and experience that we are looking for, in the role you have applied. This usually takes place over Zoom and takes 20-40 minutes. You will meet someone who works in the role/team that you are applying for. They will ask a range of questions relating to the subject matter of the role.

3 - Second conversation: The purpose of this call is to get to know each other a bit further, and see if we might be a good fit for each other. The conversation usually takes place over Zoom and takes 15-30 minutes. You will meet our founder, Dafydd Stuttard, or someone else who does not work in the role that you are applying for. We'll talk about various non-technical areas, such as team collaboration, approaches to delivering quality work, and personal motivations.

4 - Remote exercise: Depending on the role you are applying for and your level of experience, we might ask you to carry out an exercise in your own time. We'll let you know during or following the second conversation if we'd like you to carry out an exercise, and we'll send you the details via email.

5 - On-site interview: The on-site interview will give you an opportunity to meet the PortSwigger team, experience our working environment, talk about the role in more detail, and ask questions. It usually takes takes approximately 2.5 hours. Depending on the role you are applying for, the on-site interview will generally include some kind of work exercise. We will let you know details of the exercise ahead of time.

Culture and Values

We believe that our culture is our most important superpower, and our biggest differentiator as an organization. Our core principals are:

  • Have fun. Think of all the things that can prevent work being fun. They generally come down to bad culture: disrespect, hoarding information and assets, command-and-control management, selfishness, organizational politics, lack of integrity, dysfunctional backstabbers, over-promoted under-performers. Our culture is the antidote to all these things.
  • Have a worthwhile mission. Our mission is a hugely ambitious goal that we won't achieve easily or quickly. Our culture enables us to stay aligned to this mission, by focusing on the long term, holding the vision, working together very collaboratively, & defaulting to open communication.
  • Be successful. Our culture creates the conditions for our success. We're uncompromising in only recruiting the best people. We create an environment of trust, openness & freedom to fail, which fosters innovation. Our servant leadership brings out the best in all our people, recognizes their potential, & enables continuous learning. This is how we achieve the incredible.
  • Be a force for good in the world. Delivering amazing products & services certainly makes the world a better place. But our culture means that we are also instinctively generous, giving away much more than we need to. We directly improve the lives of our people & numerous others. We do this as an end in itself, not as a cynical means to profit.
Latest opportunities

Latest opportunities

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