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Welcome to STFC

The Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is one of Europe’s largest research organisations, trusted to support, enable and undertake innovative projects in a range of diverse fields. STFC is one of nine organisations that have been brought together to create UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). A new organisation with a vision to ensure the UK maintains its world-leading position in research and innovation. STFC is home to an incredibly diverse array of research, technology and engineering projects – and each one promises to fire the imagination. Our work is focused on Inspiring Impact – to make a real-world difference to people’s lives and the environment around us. STFC supports research in astronomy, physics, space science and operates world-class research facilities for the UK.

Our vision

We seek to understand the Universe from the largest astronomical scales to the tiniest constituents of matter, while creating an impact on a very tangible, human scale. We are delivering this through our three strategic goals of delivering world-class research, world-class innovation, and world-class skills.

Impactful work

Change the world around you by working on the big stuff – the projects that touch many lives. This is prestigious work that builds on our reputation for passion, at the cutting edge of science and engineering.

Great and varied work

Fire your imagination in a role that is interesting and exciting. The challenge is always evolving, so you’ll always be learning. You’ll contribute to human discovery on an unprecedented scale.

Why join STFC?

Thanks to an unrivalled combination of expertise, facilities and resources, we’re in a unique position to drive knowledge and innovation in the UK and throughout the world. The work we do helps to shape societies, strengthen economies, build industries, create jobs and transform lives. So just imagine what we can do for your career. Our graduate development programme bridges the gap between academic and professional qualifications. Our graduates join us in a permanent position, starting a real job from day one. Graduates enjoy two years of formal soft skills together with technical training and development, as well as on the job experience. Our graduates take an influential role shaping the future of science, engineering and technology. Each year we also offer opportunities to undergraduate sandwich students to gain practical experience, collaborating with technical professionals at the forefront of scientific research. We offer invaluable experience with exposure to world class science and technology, and the opportunity to develop partnerships that continue well after your placement has finished.

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