Working abroad


Our information and advice on job hunting, further study and visas remains current following the UK’s formal triggering of Article 50, and will be updated in the light of developments from the UK’s negotiations to leave the European Union.

What are your options for finding graduate jobs and internships abroad? Will your degree be recognised in a different country? How do you go about moving overseas for work? In this section, we answer your working abroad queries and point you in the direction of useful sources of info on working and living abroad in specific countries. Find information on language requirements, where you can work, job hunting tips, application methods and visa basics.

Working in Asia

From technology in Japan to finance in Hong Kong, Asia’s booming economies and skilled graduate jobs are sheltered behind linguistic and cultural barriers. If you can get past the sometimes tricky visas restrictions, warm climes and well-paid jobs await.


Working in Australia

Australia is well known for graduates looking for a working holiday, but the government encourages applications to live and work from those who might be able to fill the country’s skills shortages.


Working in Brazil

Good Portuguese will help graduates find work in Brazil. Casual jobs are hard to come by, but international companies may have suitable roles.


Working in Canada

The Canadian shortage occupations list could be your key to finding employment here, but you’ll need skills and experience to qualify.


Working in Europe

The (current) lack of visa restrictions, similar cultures and living standards make Europe a no-brainer for graduates seeking short-term TEFL placements or longer-term graduate jobs. Just be ready for stiff competition.


Working in Mexico

Pick up tips on how to approach job hunting in Mexico, what you’ll need to be successful and what to expect from working life.


Working in New Zealand

You may need to have a job secured before you travel, but New Zealand welcomes graduates seeking a short-term working holiday or a longer-term job filling one of the country’s skills shortages.


Working in Saudi Arabia

UK graduates seeking work in Saudi Arabia could find jobs in the oil industry, with opportunities also available in areas such as healthcare, teaching and IT.


Working in South Korea

You’ll need a work visa to take up employment in South Korea. Find out how to increase your chances of applying successfully for graduate jobs.


Working in the United Arab Emirates

Try and find work before you travel and consider looking for work with an international company with offices in the United Arab Emirates


Working in the US

There are plenty of opportunities for work experience and internships in the US, but non-citizens will find it tough to secure graduate jobs.


Extra info elsewhere

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