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Take control of your teaching adventure in Japan

Turn your dreams of experiencing Japan into a well-paid reality on this 12-month immersive teaching adventure.

With its quirky culture, orderly cities, age-old tradition and stunning scenery, Japan is the kind of place that’ll keep you on your toes. Somehow seamlessly blending calm with chaos and old with new, it’s a land of contradictions — and one that requires much more than a quick visit to understand.

On this 12-month teaching adventure, you’ll immerse yourself in all things Japan. BBQ your nights away at cosy Izakaya, get right in the thick of things on the daily commute and try learning one of the most unique languages around. Wherever your adventure takes you, it won’t be disappointing. Now, let’s make this happen!

Your placement options:

Are you a supporting act or centre stage kind of grad? We ask because you’ve got two choices: you can either become an Assistant Language Teacher or run the show as the Main Classroom Teacher. It’s up to you…

Assistant Language Teacher

School: Japanese public school

Position: Teaching assistant

Schedule: Work at multiple schools on different days of the week

Requirements: Driving licence required to drive between schools (this is a must). You will get a free car with the placement!

Salary: 220k Yen (gross) / £1,300+

Foreign Teacher

School: Private language centre

Position: Main classroom teacher

Schedule: Work at multiple branches of the same company on different days of the week

Requirements: No transport needed

Salary: 240-250k Yen (gross) / £1,500+

Important dates

Public School [March Start Date] Application Deadline: 31st August

Public School [September Start Date] Application Deadline: 28 February

Private School - Application deadline: 6 months before you wish to arrive ; Start date: Anytime you like

What do we expect from you?

High/native English proficiency

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