Hey! We’re Travel Grad, your post-uni work and travel experts committed to connecting you with exciting alternatives to the typical ‘grad job’ route back home. Since 2013, we’ve supported over a thousand grads get their journeys off the ground. And we’ve developed a heap of support services to make the whole thing as easy and reassuring as possible.

All our overseas TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) opportunities include a 120-hour online TEFL course, as standard. Separate to these opportunities, we also offer this same TEFL course for just £249!

But that's not all: You can enrol on the course, and later, perhaps decide to sign up to one of our overseas TEFL opportunities. You'll have your support fee reduced by the same £249 you already paid for the TEFL! It's like a baby step in the right direction of one of our overseas opportunities. It provides that little bit more flexibility and tends to appeal to those who are pretty sure they want to teach abroad at some point in their lives, but are not 100% ready to commit to anything overseas at TravelGrad just yet. If you later decide against signing up to one of our overseas TEFL opportunities, the TEFL certification will still be yours for life (to use with a different TEFL company or for a TEFL job you may source yourself etc). The course is Fully Accredited by ACCREDITAT, with Worldwide Recognition.

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