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TARGETjobs Law: solicitors

  • Job descriptions: Licensed conveyancer: job description

    Licensed conveyancers are specialist property lawyers who undertake the legal administration of residential and commercial property sales, purchases and transfers in England and Wales.


  • News: Weekly law news update for graduates

    Updated every Thursday morning, we give you the essential information you need to keep on top of your applications and raise your commercial awareness for interviews or meetings with law recruiters. We’ve also added some other titbits of information that might interest you.


  • Areas of practice: Shipping law: area of practice

    There’s plenty of opportunity for solicitors to travel abroad as English law is the preferred choice for global shipping contracts, explains Cristan Evans from Stephenson Harwood LLP.


TARGETjobs Law: barristers

  • Job descriptions: Advocate (Scotland): job description

    Advocates in Scotland are comparable to barristers in England and Wales; they work as independent lawyers offering advice about legal cases to clients and conducting defence and prosecution work within courts.


  • Five minutes with...: Five minutes with... Georgina Wolfe, barrister at 5 Essex Court

    Georgina Wolfe, barrister and pupillage committee member at 5 Essex Court, provides her insider advice on pupillage applications, interviews and how to impress at the TARGETjobs National Pupillage Fair.


  • Applications: Pupillage application deadlines

    Make sure you know when to apply for pupillage. We've put together a list of deadlines for pupillage applications at top barristers' chambers in 2018 for pupillage starting in 2019.


Top tips on law vacation schemes and mini-pupillages

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