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TARGETjobs Law: solicitors

  • Job descriptions: Crown Prosecution Service lawyer: job description

    Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lawyers are qualified solicitors and barristers responsible for reviewing and advising about all prosecution cases initiated by the police and for prosecuting cases in magistrates' courts and Crown Courts throughout England and Wales.


  • Pay and progression: How much will you earn as a trainee solicitor?

    Each summer we survey leading law firms about their trainee solicitor starting salaries. Compare the 2017/18 results below... just make sure you think about the whole package (size of firm, type of clients, areas of practice, quality of training) before applying.


  • Training and qualification: Becoming a solicitor without a law degree

    Law firms actively encourage non-law graduates to apply for training contracts. Converting your non-law degree via the graduate diploma in law is a well trodden route to becoming a lawyer, as we explain here.


TARGETjobs Law: barristers

Top tips on law vacation schemes and mini-pupillages

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