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Student writing competition

Competition! Tell us your job hunting stories

Students – share your stories and win a £20 Amazon voucher! We’d love to hear your best anecdotes about job hunting, career aspirations, work experience... you name it. Each month we’ll pose a question and ask you to send in your story. It can be as short as 20 words and no longer than 200 words please. The winning entry will be published on, under a first name and university.

So… let’s get started. The question we’d like you to answer this month is: If money didn’t matter, what career would be your #1 choice, and why?

What would be the best thing(s) about this career? Maybe you’re planning to pursue it, maybe not. Tell us why.

Please send your entry to by noon on 15 May, under the subject 'TARGETjobs writing competition'. Good luck!