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Have you signed up to TARGETjobs yet? If not, why not? Read on to find out about how signing up puts you in the driving seat, with your very own personalised TARGETjobs dashboard page that displays your plan of action, saved job searches, event diary and favourite advice articles and tips.

Here at TARGETjobs, we always aim to go the extra mile to help you get the graduate job you want. Now we’re helping you to get organised and plan your job hunt in the way that suits you. So don’t delay – if you haven’t already, sign up right now. Once you've signed up, you can give your career plans and prospects some TLC by checking out our great new service and get started on shaping and saving TARGETjobs information in the way that is most relevant to you.

Keep your eyes on the prize with the TARGETjobs action plan

Seen a job listed on TARGETjobs that you want to apply for some time over the next few weeks? Chances are that you have, because there’s a huge glut of graduate schemes and jobs with top employers with deadlines on 31 December, or shortly before.

But perhaps now’s not the right moment. You might be thinking about packing up and heading home, hurrying out to your part-time job, trying to get some studying done or getting ready to rush out to a Christmas party… There are a million and one other things you could be doing. So how do you make sure you do get round to making your graduate job applications in good time, and don’t let golden opportunities slip through your fingers?

Even if you’re not ready to apply right this second, you can still take action. Save the job or internship to your action plan. The minute you sign in to TARGETjobs and check your page, you’ll see the deadline. If you change your mind, it’s easy to remove the job from the list. But if you still want to go for it, there’s no chance you’ll miss your chance now.

You can now save your searches too. Time is precious, and we don’t want you to have to keep repeating yourself.

The event diary that will keep you on track

Careers events are a brilliant opportunity to network with employers and find out more about your chosen profession, but it’s not always easy to fit them in. Save the events you’re interested in to your event diary on TARGETjobs and you’ve got an at-a-glance reminder of when the event is (or was), whether you’ve registered and who’s organising it. Career planning just got a whole lot easier.

Keep the TARGETjobs advice you need most close at hand

When you browse TARGETjobs, chances are you’re going to see plenty of advice you’ll want to store for future reference. For example, interviews may still be some way ahead, but perhaps you’ve spotted our advice on how to answer the classic tricky interview question ‘What is your biggest weakness?’ Save it and use your page to return to it the night before your interview, just to make sure you don’t get tripped up.

Perhaps you’ve seen a brilliant tip on how to approach your application to a particular employer, or an inspirational article on how to become an entrepreneur or how to sell yourself if you’re a shy job hunter. Save it to your career library and it’ll be a cinch to access it again when you need it.

More from TARGETjobs: the quick check

Got five seconds at the bus stop, or while you’re waiting for your friends to turn up or for your shift to start? Flick to our quick check, available through the special menu offered at the top of each and every TARGETjobs page to our signed-in users. It will show you straight away whether there are any new graduate jobs or internships that match your requirements. It also lists your saved searches and reminds you to help us to help you by making your profile as complete as possible, so we can deliver an even more personalised service and help you match your skills to the right graduate jobs and schemes.

Our early Christmas gift to you, and a New Year’s Eve reminder

Don’t forget, for graduate job hunters December 31 isn’t just an opportunity to see out the old year and prepare to welcome the new. It’s one of the biggest deadline days in the annual graduate recruitment calendar, and our new personalisation service will take all the pain out of getting ready. Think of it as our early Christmas present to you! Happy searching and saving – and good luck now and in 2014!

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