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Students soak up secrets of job hunt success at How to get hired Live

‘Every employer is looking for the best from you: they want to see the positive, confident and well-rounded version of you.’ That’s just one of many invaluable tips from How to get hired Live, the UK’s biggest graduate employability event, which took over Wembley Stadium earlier this week and got it buzzing about graduate careers. The event, the first of its kind, offered job-hunting students the chance to meet and mingle with recruiters, soak up inspiring advice and learn how to make the most of their talents.

How to get hired Live drew together around 300 undergraduates from more than 30 different universities and 50 employers from different sectors, including key event partners Barclays, Centrica, KPMG and Rolls-Royce. Hosted by Radio One presenter Aled Haydn Jones, it was organised by TARGETjobs and Bright Futures, the student society network that aims to empower students to become more employable. The event offered undergraduates a unique opportunity to give themselves a real edge in the ultra-competitive graduate jobs market.

Undergraduates sat round tables with employers for the main part of the event, and had plenty of chances to pick up advice on successful job hunting in between taking in formal presentations designed to help them maximise their chances. There were presentations from senior professionals at Barclays, Rolls-Royce, KPMG, Centrica, LinkedIn, Clifford Chance, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, CEB, the Higher Education Academy and Network Rail. The subjects covered ranged from how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile to how to make the first 30 seconds of your job interview go your way.

Here are some of the top tips that helped the event trend on Twitter in London as it got under way:

  • Stand out from everybody else by seeking ways to get in front of employers – social media can be a powerful way to connect.
  • Try and get to know people who can help you develop your career. Fairs and campus events are great ways to meet people.
  • Think about what clubs and societies you join at uni – these can be big for getting in contact with employers.
  • What is the organisation trying to get when they advertise a position? What will they assess? Research as much as possible.
  • Employers in the UK look at CVs globally – the market is multinational, therefore so is your competition.
  • If you learn to believe in yourself and you are determined in your actions, success will find you.
  • Grab every opportunity that comes your way. Success loves speed – not hesitation.

Happiness coach Alexandra Watson brought the presentations to a rousing finale with a session that got everybody on their feet and ready to network. The event finished with an hour of networking and drinks so recruiters could pass on hints and tips to students in a personal and direct way – something that would never happen at a more conventional careers fair.

Simon Rogers, director at TARGETjobs, said, ‘TARGETjobs and Bright Futures are proud to launch an original and compelling event for undergraduates not just to meet recruiters but to learn from their personal experiences of recruitment. All students want to develop a competitive edge and How to get hired Live gives them the knowledge and contacts to become better candidates.’

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