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men more likely to ignore company image for high pay

Male students more likely to ignore company image for high pay, survey reveals

Male undergraduates are much more willing than their female peers to overlook a company’s image if an attractive salary is on offer, according to new research carried out by the trendence institute.

According to the 2014 trendence Graduate Barometer, which is based on a survey of more than 27,000 students, 39.7% of male students were prepared to work for a company with a bad image if the pay on offer was right, compared to just 20.4% of women.

The majority of women who took part in the research – 70.8% – said it was more important for them to feel fulfilled at work than to earn lots of money, whereas only 57.1% of men agreed. Women were also much more likely to be influenced by values; 63% agreed that ethical and moral concerns played an important role in their choice of employer, compared to 51.2% of men.

Chris Phillips, information and research director at GTI Media, which is part of the same parent company as TARGETjobs and trendence, said the research findings suggested that employers and providers of careers advice needed to take care to address different groups of students with different attitudes and concerns, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment.

He commented, ‘What does all this mean for the wider graduate recruitment community – recruiters, agencies, information providers, universities? It means that you can’t look at recruitment marketing, guidance and information as standard products, applicable to all. You need to speak differently to different audiences and write your messages in such a way to appeal to the very special audience that the message is aimed at.’

What do you think about the research findings? Check out the blog post from Chris Phillips exploring the findings in more detail, take part in the poll on our homepage and let us know on Twitter @targetjobsUK.

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