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Top 5 graduate employers for satisfaction with work

How much you will enjoy the work is arguably one of the most crucial things to think about when deciding where to apply for a graduate job or training scheme. Your new job is not only going to be taking up a lot of your time, it’s also your chance to learn, build your network of contacts, gain experience and prove yourself.

Here are the top five employers for satisfaction with work as ranked by the Inside Buzz surveys available on TARGETjobs in summer 2018. There are some common themes in the comments; graduates welcomed the chance of early responsibility, being given interesting tasks and the chance to learn new skills, and feeling they were valued members of their teams.

1. Baillie Gifford – 9.6/10

‘I am responsible for analysing potential investments, seeking out interesting sources of information and making recommendations/discussing others' recommendations.’

‘My role involves a range of tasks including: reviewing companies, writing reports, meeting management teams, meeting industry analysts, writing meeting notes and attending conference calls.’

‘My current responsibilities are manageable for the experience I have gained in the first three months. Other members of the team are willing to help solve problems and provide training where required.’

2. Foot Anstey LLP – 9.4/10

‘I am very satisfied with the quality of work I am undertaking. There is an emphasis on ensuring that the work I do increases my technical skills.’

‘I get the same work as senior associates who delegate key tasks to me to attempt a first draft. While I do get involved in smaller tasks, these are essential to get a good foundation of the work a solicitor does.’

‘I really feel like a valued member of the team. Client contact is monitored to make sure that we get good exposure.’

3. Johnson & Johnson– 9.2/10

‘I was given a lot of responsibility within my role from the first day, which was very exciting because I was able to add value and integrate into the team quickly. There are also plenty of opportunities to take on additional projects, such as getting involved in STEM volunteering at local schools.’

‘I'm very satisfied with the work I am given. I feel that it is valuable to the brand I have been assigned to and the company as a whole.’

‘You are assigned your own project to manage so you have lots of responsibility. The day typically consists of working through your project objectives interspersed with smaller tasks, which mainly involve helping other colleagues and getting involved with other business initiatives.’

4. The Phoenix Partnership – 9.1/10

‘In the marketing team our tasks are very varied and the role involves a high level of communication; both written and verbal. Responsibilities include: events organisation; developing marketing material such as product literature, case studies, proposals and press releases; liaising with key press and communications contacts; maintaining and managing the website; and keeping up to date with the digital health agenda.’

‘Developing and managing our hosted product. My work has ranged from small changes to the server-side code to larger front-end projects.’

‘The company has an organic growth development, so you can take on as much responsibility as you can handle as early as you like.’

5. Osborne Clarke LLP – 9.1/10

‘We're given a high level of responsibility while also being supervised. Work is well explained and frequently client-facing. I've negotiated documents with the other side and performed small bits of research depending on my seat. There's lots of drafting and a high churn of documents.’

‘I am very satisfied with the quality of work that I am given. I have led on a number of contentious matters and have attended client meetings.’

‘I have been given a lot of responsibility and been involved in really exciting work. I am frequently given the chance to work on associate-level tasks.’

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