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Top 5 graduate employers for diversity

Top 5 graduate employers for diversity

Which employers are highly rated by their graduate recruits for the systems they have put in place to attract, support and develop a diverse workforce? Here are the top five employers for diversity as ranked by the Inside Buzz surveys on TARGETjobs in summer 2018, with comments from graduate hires about the ways in which these organisations demonstrate their commitment.

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1. Thoughtworks – 10/10

‘ThoughtWorks is hands-down the most committed to diversity company that I have ever worked for. Everyone is socially conscious of the importance of diversity in tech and, while no company can be perfect, there is a strong mission here to continuously evaluate how we are contributing to this in both positive and negative ways.’

‘There are additional challenges in hiring and retaining a diverse workforce for consultancies due to the hours, travel required and the technology industry in general. ThoughtWorks is dedicated and tireless in its drive to improve and maintain a good balance of people from different sectors and backgrounds.’

‘There is lots of support for minorities and internal groups that speak at conferences. We also invite other minority social groups into the offices to use the spaces and hold events. We have dedicated diversity and inclusion staff to ensure everyone is well represented and constantly work on further improvements.’

2. Baker McKenzie LLP – 9.6/10

‘Diversity events are very important to our firm. BakerWomen, BakerAllies and BakerLGBT are examples of some of the groups we have to promote diversity. The current work we are doing in relation to HeForShe is brilliant too.’

‘We have good initiatives and get external recognition for our programmes.’

‘I have been given the support and resources to run the firm's anti-bullying campaign. I am a member of several diversity groups and, by attending focus group meetings, I am aware that each group is led by motivated individuals who aim to make more waves in their respective areas.’

3. Clifford Chance – 9.3/10

‘The LGBT network, Arcus, receives quite a lot of attention and support from senior management. It has an active social calendar and regularly holds events with clients too.’

‘The firms treats everyone equally regardless of their background, disability or ethnic minority, etc. The firm has received awards for its diversity policy.’

‘The firm employs a diverse work force, and there are many groups and events focused on diversity throughout the year.’

4. The Phoenix Partnership – 9.3/10

‘We have good representation from all groups. The company is really supportive of any issues and offers good maternity/compassionate leave etc.’

‘The company are extremely welcoming of all different diversities. This is reflected in the recruitment policy, particularly in the amount of female software developers we have.’

‘There's a range of ethnicities and sexual orientations present. Discrimination isn't tolerated.’

5. Latham & Watkins – 9.1/10

‘Committees are set up for minorities, as well as extensive work/life and health initiatives.’

‘The firm is very open and has a good mix of individuals. The diversity committee runs a number of programmes and Latham is involved in various outreach programmes to provide access to the firm to people from different backgrounds.’

‘The firm has several groups for, and is making an effort to hire more, women and people from ethnic minorities.’

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