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Top 5 graduate employers for training

The kind of training given to graduate recruits varies between companies. Some employers focus on providing on-the-job learning, while others provide more structured training sessions or offer access to external programmes. Getting a good level of training is essential for graduates who are looking to do well in their career.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five employers for training as ranked by the Inside Buzz surveys on TARGETjobs in summer 2018, which should help you think about what you want from your graduate job or training scheme place. You can find out more about graduates’ views of their employers from our Inside Buzz surveys.

1. Aldi Stores (Ireland) – 9.1/10

‘There are in-store and shadowing components to the training plan. It's very comprehensive and we work at every level of the business to understand all the aspects that set Aldi apart from other companies. We have excellent training materials and courses etc.’

‘There's an extremely structured training programme involving time spent working in-store and time spent shadowing seasoned area managers. There are a number of courses throughout the year to aid with training in different areas.’

‘There are internal training days and on-the-job training from the ground up.’

2. Baillie Gifford & Co – 9/10

‘For the first month of the programme you are in constant training. You are educated about the company and the different roles and departments within the company. Additionally there are often training courses run throughout the year which you can partake in. I have picked up extremely valuable communication and presentation skills through the training provided. I feel the training has been invaluable.’

‘Part of investment management is developing your own ideas, and balancing this with listening to others. In that sense, training in this context is more like an exchange of views, rather than a one-way communication of best practice.’

‘Training is excellent – both in house and external is a very high standard.’

3. Fidelity International – 8.9/10

‘There was external training provided for accounting, finance and economics introductions. This was followed by a very good couple of weeks of internal talks from various analysts, PMs, DoRs and people in other areas of the business. A lot of practical aspects around how to do the job well are covered.’

‘There's been lots of investment in our training, which I've found very useful.’

‘Very good training programme with both internal and external teachers at the start of the role.’

4. Third Bridge – 8.9/10

‘There has been an extensive training schedule, that has given me help on all aspects of what the company does and the finance industry in general. It has all catered to the wide variety of backgrounds the company employs from.’

‘Cognolink invests a lot into the Fitch online platform, and on internal training.’

‘I have taken part in a well-structured and finely honed training programme.’

5. J.P Morgan – 8.9/10

‘There is so much training available to you and the graduate training programme (six weeks in NYC) is unrivalled.’

‘New first-year analysts are sent to New York to take part in a six-week training programme where you learn the key skills required to hit the ground running when you arrive back at the desk. This included economics, accounting, corporate finance, financial modelling and others. When you are working on the desk, there are always ongoing training programmes available to you, including both online and classroom-based sessions, so there are always new things you can learn.’

‘The New York training provides a very good base for working in finance and covers many fundamental topics (valuation, modelling, accounting etc). There are also more credit-specific training sessions back in the office that go into more detail on specific areas within credit risk.’

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